Data Driven Marketing

Data Driven Marketing

Data-driven marketing is a strategy of using customer information for optimal and targeted media buying and creative messaging. It is one of the most transformative changes to happen in digital advertising.

Explosive growth in creative manufacturing and automation technologies followed the increasing quality and quantity of marketing data. These burgeoning marketing technology and advertising technology sectors now enable personalization of every aspect of the marketing experience.

Data-based decision making is to get answers to questions such as who, when, where, what message, and to make these answers actionable.

Using and enabling data, usually in an automated or semi-automatic fashion, provides a significantly more optimized media and creative strategy. This marketing strategy, which is human first, is more personalized. It has also been responsible for providing significant investment returns for marketers.

Data Driven Marketing

Benefits of Data-Driven Marketing

The benefits of data-driven marketing, and especially data-driven advertising, are important.

More efficient media buying. Data-driven marketing is probably the most advanced in the programmatic purchasing industry. Advertising agencies and marketers take advantage of algorithms and machine learning to take many guesswork out of media planning and buying.

Targeting the right consumers. Ad spend and marketing messages are optimized to only display targets suitable for the marketing campaign.

Messaging to audiences with relevant messages. The age of generic, one-size-fits-all marketing is over. For some brands, there is still room for these big ideas, but for most companies, marketing messages need to be more detailed to be relevant enough to consumers.

All these benefits that come together provide significant investment returns for marketers.

Data Driven Marketing

The Future of Data Driven Marketing

Modern data-driven marketing began with the invention of customer relationship management (CRM) software. CRMs allow marketers to track which individual customers include their name and contact information.

CRMs allow direct mailing and therefore direct marketing campaigns. Customer groups may receive different types of messages, depending on whether the marketer thinks the segment is appropriate and what the customer cares about.

CRM has gained new importance in digital marketing with Salesforce's innovation to bring it to the cloud. This started the era of sales and marketing automation.

Digital data-driven marketing emerged as CRM gave birth to a new category of marketing automation software. Exemplary leaders in this field include marketing automation companies such as Marketo and Eloqua. They pioneered creating individual marketing profiles built on customer engagement tracking on website and email. This profile of customers enabled automated emails based on specific triggers and events, as well as scoring potential customers by segments. Thus, the age of marketing automation started. Contact us for Data Driven Marketing.

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