27 Jul: Innovative digital marketing will carry all business processes of companies to digital.

Digital marketing is a marketing method where you can promote your products and services in all areas or environments made possible by technological tools. Digital marketing is in no way different from other traditional marketing methods. It is a tool to reach potential users who will use your products and services simply by moving this process to digital. Digital marketing is the most modern and most advanced marketing method today.


27 Jul: The rise of digital marketing and social media: Corona led consumers to interactive video broadcasts

Today, digital marketing and social media channels have diversified and users in different channels have interacted with each other. As a result of this interaction, these channels have started to grow seriously and companies have started to invest in digital and social media channels by renewing their strategies. Companies want to reach consumers and don’t want to waste their budgets as they used to. Companies aiming for effective budget management are moving towards building their strategies on digital marketing and social media.


27 Jul: 2030 E-Commerce Shipping and Transport Sector in Turkey together with Digital Conversion How to Evolving

Today, the biggest problem of the e-commerce industry is the delivery problem. Cargo companies in the sector have not completed their digital transformation and transportation is done by traditional methods. Transportation made with traditional methods also reduces the quality in the sector and causes major complaints on the customer side. There is also customer dissatisfaction for the e-commerce company that delivers, and this creates a boomerang effect for e-commerce companies. Cargo companies reject the deliveries of e-commerce sites due to the increase in capacity and therefore serious problems and complaints arise in the sector.