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The rise of digital marketing and social media: Corona led consumers to interactive video broadcasts


Today, digital marketing and social media channels have diversified and users in different channels have interacted with each other. As a result of this interaction, these channels have started to grow seriously and companies have started to invest in digital and social media channels by renewing their strategies. Companies want to reach consumers and don’t want to waste their budgets as they used to. Companies aiming for effective budget management are moving towards building their strategies on digital marketing and social media.

For the last 5 years, companies have understood the importance of social media and digital marketing, and they started advertising in these channels. The channels advertised in digital channels are respectively; Digital channels such as Google Adwords, Facebook and Instagram ads and video search ads. After these channels have risen and become important; Influencers who share their daily life emerged in channels such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. These influencers have become very important recently by sharing their lifestyles with digital channels and increasing their followers.

Companies made agreements to work with influencers, who stand out in digital and social media and whose number of followers exceeded many brands, and they started to bring their products to consumers through these influencers. The recent corona virus epidemic has perhaps started to reduce the importance of influencers and has made video streaming users, that is, video live TV and online video broadcasters, important. The most important reason for this situation is that while only influencers used to broadcast intense before, nowadays everyone started their own broadcasts.

Actually, the number of influencers has started to increase rapidly, especially on Instagram recently, and there was a lot of supply here. In addition, the number of influencers increased rapidly with the emergence of platforms such as TikTok and the loading of users on these platforms. The increase in the number of companies has also confused the companies and companies need to update their strategies accordingly. Especially in our country, due to the inability to take part in various TV channels, many journalists started to broadcast news by streaming online on YouTube channels.

With the spread of the corona virus all over the world and the prominence of platforms such as Zoom, and people getting used to video streaming and video meeting platforms, these platforms have become very important. Media such as YouTube are very important for live broadcasts, meetings and information exchange, and these channels will increase in importance in the future. Companies should definitely establish their own channels and continue their presence on social media. It is very important to take part in digital channels and create a digital strategy, and at this point, the most important strategy is to create content. Quality content is very important in social media and for your company’s brand image, you should pay great attention to content quality.

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