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Innovative digital marketing will carry all business processes of companies to digital.


Digital marketing is a marketing method where you can promote your products and services in all areas or environments made possible by technological tools. Digital marketing is in no way different from other traditional marketing methods. It is a tool to reach potential users who will use your products and services simply by moving this process to digital. Digital marketing is the most modern and most advanced marketing method today.

If we need to give an example of digital marketing methods, the most important example is a company’s website. As a second example, we can cite the company’s social media channels as an example. The third example is e-commerce sites.

Web sites of companies, institutions and individuals
Social media channels of companies, institutions and individuals
E-commerce sites of companies or institutions, personal sales channels
The digital channels we shared above are basic digital channels and these channels are It is used by companies, institutions and individuals. In addition to these channels, other digital marketing channels we can provide are; channels such as applications, SaaS platforms, CRM platforms and channels. E-mail and mobile digital channels are other examples of digital marketing channels. Today, digital marketing channels are very diverse and there are hundreds of titles under the concept of digital marketing. As Verimaker, we can offer you innovative digital solutions in all areas.

The most important issue we want to emphasize in this blog post is that digital structures are a tool and these technological tools are constantly updated and have the structure required by the age. For example, a server that previously worked in the company cannot work very effectively today. Imagine you own an application company and you send orders to your customers from the market, 10 million people across the country use your application and your application has to respond to all requests. So it should have 99.9% uptime. This means that your application should run on cloud servers in the best and fastest way.

As much as the cloud infrastructure for the application we have given above to work; User experience (UX) and user interfaces should also be planned very successfully. In addition to all these, the design of this application, software infrastructure and digital strategies must also be established. When the application is completed technically and strategically, advertising and promoting this application on digital channels

is required. The success of an application is not only about the establishment of the technical infrastructure and the completion of the software process. The process consists of several stages such as technical infrastructure and digital strategy. In addition, innovative marketing methods are also included in the process.

As Verimaker, we support you in all processes. To get detailed information and contact us, you can share your information by mail: [email protected]

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