Why Should You Care About Digital Transformation?

We have heard the concept of digital transformation a lot lately. Although experts or companies cannot clearly reveal the exact meaning and scope of digital transformation; everyone agreed that digital transformation is a very important concept. So what is this digital transformation and why should you give importance to digital transformation for your company?

Digital Transformation or Digital Revolution?
In fact, to complete this title, it would be much better if we name the process we are in as the digital revolution. The process we are in right now is a digital revolution. It is a process that started and continued in the 2000s, just like the industrial revolution or printing revolution. Although this process took great blows with the explosion of the .com bubble in the 2000s; It continues with acceleration after 2006-2006 and is progressing rapidly. And this speed is not x 1; It continues in multiples of x 10.

Digital Transformation and Differences of the Digital Revolution
Digital transformation is a concept that mostly concerns the companies’ side. Individual users do not have any concerns about digital transformation. In fact, while individual users keep up with digital transformation much faster; companies fall far behind in this regard. When a new iPhone comes out, the individual user or consumer buys it immediately and has all the features of that phone, uses and experiences. Companies adapt at the same pace; it cannot produce software or content suitable for that phone or technological device. At this point, we can say digital transformation is the adaptation process of companies. The digital revolution, on the other hand, concerns more consumers. Every technological product that comes out appeals directly to the consumer. It also concerns companies, so companies cannot stay away from the digital revolution.

How Should Companies Adapt to Digital Transformation?
First of all, companies should not be afraid of digital transformation and what technologies, applications or platforms the consumer uses; companies must also be on those platforms and produce content suitable for these platforms. It is very important to produce content for companies in the digital transformation process. Companies need to produce quality and continuous content. Let’s build a website like the old one and leave it like that, its era is over. Single-channel communication methods also no longer work. You have to adopt omnichannel communication and define a sustainable digital communication strategy.

Summarize the Future of Digital Transformation
The concept of digital transformation is a very broad concept and we can write thousands of articles on it and give examples. Digital transformation is a process that companies should attach great importance to and should not be overlooked. We can say this clearly; this is a transformation and companies that cannot keep up with this transformation will definitely be wiped off the stage of history. We recommend that you make your investments according to this process.

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