Which e-commerce software – infrastructure to choose

E-commerce has become very popular nowadays after the Corona pandemic epidemic. Its importance was understood before; but it was an important online sales process for companies that only know this business and want to do e-commerce commercially. With people closing home, shopping malls and all shops and stores closed, shopping had to be made on e-commerce sites and meetings were held over applications such as Zoom and Google Meets. These processes have led people to get used to and experience digital applications.

Consumers who want to sell their products on the e-commerce site first started to research to establish their own infrastructures and the most curious issue was which e-commerce infrastructure should we choose. As Verimaker Digital Growth, we will provide you with the necessary information in this article. Before starting e-commerce, the most important issue you should pay attention to is costs. When you start a business, you need to calculate your costs very well.

The importance of costs comes from here. You will set up an e-commerce infrastructure and you want to build this infrastructure from scratch. You want to make the software yourself from scratch, in this case you need to make a serious investment. Depending on the software you will make, your costs may increase up to 50,000 TL and 500,000 TL average costs, and these costs may increase even more depending on the size of the business. Therefore, we recommend that you focus primarily on costs and profitability.

2. the alternative uses ready-made e-commerce software and these ready-made e-commerce infrastructures will provide you convenience. You can install these software immediately and make your site ready for sale in a maximum of 1 month. These softwares also have some disadvantages and we can summarize them as follows, these softwares constantly need add-ons or missing tools and these tools are also extra priced. So setting up a complete system is a bit difficult; but basically the features offered will do the trick.

When it comes to the issue of which e-commerce software – infrastructure you should choose, it depends on the project detail and budget. If you are starting a business with a small budget, you can use ready-made e-commerce infrastructure. You can even start selling directly on platforms such as Trendyol, Hepsiburada. If you want to sell on your own e-commerce site, factors such as advertising and attracting visitors to the site will cost you. It will be much more profitable to sell from your own site; but it will not be so easy to attract visitors here.

Actually, we tried to give you a brief summary of the subject above and wanted an idea to come to life in your mind. E-commerce is not an easy process and needs to be well planned. If you enter e-commerce sales without good planning, you may encounter very serious unforeseen costs. Therefore, as Verimaker Digital Growth, we support you in your e-commerce and digital projects, and provide support in areas such as setting up e-commerce infrastructure from scratch and team training. You can contact us for detailed information. [email protected]

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