What is the Importance of Data in the Digital Transformation Process?

We will give you very important information about Data – What is the Importance of Data in the Digital Transformation Process. Nowadays, with the rapid development of the internet, it has become very easy to access information and it has become widespread to produce information in parallel. We are actually constantly generating data through smartphones or computers, and this data is accumulated. Another process is smart devices or gadgets, IoT, that is, internet of things tools are now connecting to the internet and producing information. Well, let’s see together what will happen to this generated information.

Data – What is the Importance of Data in the Digital Transformation Process?

We wanted to start the topic of Data – What is the Importance of Data in the Digital Transformation Process with this quote: “Data is the new oil. It’s valuable, but if unrefined it cannot really be used. ”& Nbsp; Clive Humby, UK Mathematician and Architect. & Nbsp; British Mathematician and Architect Clive Humby says that data, that is, data is a new oil and is very valuable, and that this data will not work without processing like oil.

Why Is Data or Data So Important?

This is a very important question, why is data so important? We can actually explain the reason as follows. People, smart devices, everything that moves actually produces data. Working cars, cars moving on the road, people walking on the road, working refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, processors, devices that connect to the Internet, IoT, and to summarize, everything that exists around us in the future will generate information and this information will need to be interpreted, that is, data will need to be processed. After oil, data or data will now be the most important and valuable information.

Why Should Data or Data Be Reinterpreted or Processed?

Why data or data should be reinterpreted or processed. The conclusion we have drawn from the subject we explained above should be that now so much information will be produced around us that we will be unable to analyze this information with human power or human intelligence, and we have even come. Interpreting and analyzing this information; even before we collect, record, organize and organize this information; then we will have to analyze it. We will not be able to do this analysis on our own and we will take advantage of technology.

How Will The Produced Data Be Collected, Recorded and Interpreted?

This is one of the most important problems, & nbsp; How Will the Produced Data Be Collected, Recorded and Interpreted? For example, DijiKobi Digital Technology Agency blog posts are produced on cloud systems. So when we write an article here, this article is saved in cloud systems and opened to the internet and everyone can access this information. But those who do not read this information do not know and understand what is written here. In other words, it remains on the internet, in cloud services, as data or data. We write many articles like this and these articles turn into meaningless data on the internet for those who do not read them, and these data are in fact very valuable information and need to be interpreted.

The Process of Saving, Interpreting and Interpreting or Analyzing the Data Produced

Generated information first becomes meaningless. If you can read this information, you can make sense of it. Well, not 1 page of information, you came across 1000 pages of information and this information is not in your language. It is very difficult to analyze or report this information or report with human power. You have an insurance company and you have 10,000 customers’ information in your database, and these customers are trading on your website or app, and it is not possible for you to monitor or interpret these transactions with human power. Therefore, you need to take advantage of cloud services and artificial intelligence supported data analysis services and analyze this data.

If To Summarize;

Data or Data will become very important in the future and this information will need to be interpreted. Making sense of these data will provide significant benefits to your company and will benefit you in your competition by increasing your productivity. The subject of data analysis will now be the most important investment of the new century and software technologies will come to the fore in this age. Actually, this is the process we call a dijtial revolution. You should never ignore the factor that no one has the right to know but that information must be interpreted very well.

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