What is SME Mentoring, Consulting, Coaching Services?

What is SME Mentoring, Consulting, Coaching Services? The concentration and management of information has become very difficult nowadays and starting from people; companies cannot manage this information on their own and face particular difficulties in decision-making. It is very important for companies and especially SMEs to make the right decision in the face of these difficulties. In this article, we will talk about the differences in Mentoring, Consulting, Coaching and how you can use these methods in your company.

What is SME Mentoring, Consulting, Coaching Services?

What is SME Mentoring, Consulting, Coaching Services? Let’s start by explaining these concepts to you first. Although these concepts seem to be close to each other at the beginning; actually completely different concepts. When you apply these three concepts or models to your business life, it is almost certain that you will be very successful; because in order to be successful, you have to look at it from an outside eye and the details that you do not know or cannot see can be seen by the mentors or coaches.

What is Consulting?

A consultant is actually a person who is very good in his field of expertise and is very successful in this job. If you want to get consultancy service, you get consultancy from people or companies who are experts in their fields and you get support from an expert in the subjects you want to do. For example, you want to enter the e-commerce sector and you do not know anything about the processes. If you do not want to act on your own about these processes and do not want to make mistakes or suffer financial damage, you can get support from a consultant or a consultancy company.

What is Coaching?

Although the concepts seem to be very close to each other, there are actually obvious differences. We have mentioned consultancy above and it is a consultancy that a person or company who is an expert in the field supports you. In coaching, there is a person or company who is very good in their field and is an expert, and this coach is the person who guides you, unlike consulting. In other words, it is not technical terms such as do this and do this, like the expert in consulting, but it is the person who actually helps you find your direction. For example, company coach, football coach, life coach.

What is Mentoring?

Unlike mentoring, consultancy and coaching, it is about supporting a person or a company in the decision-making process. Mentor helps individuals or companies to develop and advance themselves. When the mentor starts to support the SME on a subject, he actually becomes the companion of the & nbsp; SME he mentoring. & nbsp; It can be named as SME mentor or Startup Mentor, Firm or Company Mentor, and the person acting as a mentor is called a Mentor.

Summary of Mentorship, Consulting, Coaching Services as a Result

Above, we explained what the concepts of mentoring, coaching and consultancy mean one by one. At the beginning you can think of it as a little mixed or intertwined concepts; but actually these three concepts are very different from each other. For example, the concept of SME Mentorship requires standing by an SME to develop, advance and take part in decision-making stages. However, it is not necessary to be so intertwined in consultancy. & Nbsp; SME can get consultancy on a subject they want and be in contact for a short time. Mentorship takes a longer time or continuity. The concept of coaching, on the other hand, rather than being included in your business processes; you can see it as supporting and guiding you to achieve something on your own.

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