What is Entrepreneurship? I Have An Idea, I Will Send Rocket To Space.

What is Entrepreneurship? I Have An Idea, I Will Send Rocket To Space. Nowadays, many activities on entrepreneurship and competitions in universities are organized recently. Young people are directed to entrepreneurship, and as a result, all responsibility is put on young people, you did or could not? Let’s examine this entrepreneurship together.

What is Entrepreneurship?

What is Entrepreneurship? The answer to the question is actually very simple: Taking Risk. Yes, entrepreneurship is taking risks. If you cannot risk everything and focus on the projects you dream of and not take risks, what are you entrepreneurs; nor is your initiative an undertaking. This is the clear summary and definition of entrepreneurship. Actually, if you can take risks then you have become an entrepreneur.

Who is the Entrepreneur Called?

For example, a businessman with $ 1 million does what everyone else does and enters the e-commerce industry. It buys products for its stocks, makes dealership agreements and starts selling its products in marketplaces. This model is called and entrepreneur who has a lot in Turkey. In fact, this model has nothing to do with entrepreneurship. This type of structure is a commercial enterprise, you set up a company you know, you open a store and you put the products on the store shelves and start selling, this is a model of tradesmanship or trade, never entrepreneurship.

Who is a Real Entrepreneur?

A real entrepreneur is the person who applies two factors and carries them into his life. The entrepreneur first must take risks. Second, it should try to change things by making long-term plans. In other words, it should be the person who will realize an idea that will make people’s life easier or change the way they do business in the long run. Take the familiar example of Elon Musk. Do you think Elon Musk is a real entrepreneur?

Is Elon Musk a Real Entrepreneur?

A very important question. Yes, Elon Musk is a true entrepreneur. He takes risks to his veins and invests his entire existence in that venture. Elon Musk also makes long-term plans and his initiatives create very important changes in human life. Elon Musk is an entrepreneur who has invested in areas such as green energy, wind energy. We don’t even need to explain what the electric vehicles did in the Tesla project. The SpaceX project itself has taken the risk to its veins.

SpaceX Project Rewrote Entrepreneurship Book

We will write a detailed article about this project; but here we want to mention briefly. The SpaceX project is a groundbreaking project brought to life by Elon Musk in space transportation. Rockets that will transport and reuse to space are designed and the reuse of these designed rockets is planned. In other words, rockets launched today lose their function when they complete their missions. Vertical landing is also carried out with FalconX rockets. As we wrote in the title, Elon Musk rewrote the entrepreneurship book with the FalconX and SpaceX project.

How is Entrepreneurship Going in Turkey:)?

Sorry, creating simulation models based on entrepreneurship in general from overseas in Turkey. Real entrepreneurship is not explained to young people correctly and young people are not supported. In our country, there are initiatives by taking good initiatives with their own means and institutions such as Endeavor that support these initiatives; but there are also people who see entrepreneurship as an activity. Everyone is trying to make their own promotions by taking this wind behind them by using activities under the name of entrepreneurship and wasting young people’s time and especially their hopes. Everyone is looking for a product that will make money, and the circulation continues in this way.

What Should Young Entrepreneurs Do?

Young entrepreneurs should not use themselves in this commercial environment and should not be disappointed by the perception that they have an idea. Turkey, unfortunately, there are currently no real meaning in an attempt cycle. If young people have unique ideas that will change something like SpaceX, they should team up and look for ways to bring that idea to life. An idea that cannot be realized is not an initiative, the idea must be on the ground and young people should try to bring this idea to life. & Nbsp;

Companies in Turkey Entrepreneurs How to Approach
Please don’t disappoint teenagers by using them and frustrating their ideas. If you are going to support an idea or project, get into this job. If you are not going to support it, do not organize entrepreneurship competitions that go beyond efficiency. Here, we condemn the events that are not well planned and are purely aimed at advertising the company. With this structure, we cannot make any initiatives and these attempts cannot change the world.

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