What is E-Commerce Software and E-Commerce Integration Software?

What is E-Commerce Software and E-Commerce Integration Software? Nowadays, it is a concept that is frequently heard by those who want to do E-Commerce or companies who want to enter the e-commerce sector. So what is e-commerce software and integration software and what are the differences between these software, we would like to give you detailed explanation and inform you about these issues; Because knowing these differences will enable you to be more conscious when entering e-commerce and not to lose money in terms of money and time, and you will have a better start.

What is E-Commerce Software and E-Commerce Integration Software?

What is E-Commerce Software and E-Commerce Integration Software? For the subject, let’s talk about what is e-commerce software and which software you should choose when setting up an e-commerce site. We have written an article about which e-commerce software to choose before, and we share the link of the blog post on this topic below, you can browse the article from there and have an idea about which e-commerce software to choose.

What is E-Commerce Software?

First of all, we would like to inform you about what e-commerce software is, so that the subject comes to life clearly in your mind. E-commerce software is an interactive software that allows you to display the products you want to sell and introduce the products to your customers, in other words, the customer will interact with the cart, buy, delete the product. The customer visits your website to see the products you will sell and looks at the products. Afterwards, the customer adds the product to the basket and becomes a member of the site, that is, creates an account. After creating an account, you can enter and edit information such as shipping and billing addresses, and manage information such as credit card information, and purchase the product in the basket.

What is the Difference of E-Commerce Software and Website?

E-commerce software and website are different software from each other. There is mutual interaction on the E-Commerce site. A standard website is one-sided. You have set up a corporate website or a website to promote the products of your small business and there are pages such as about you, your communication and your services. You provide one-way information to your customers through these pages. This one-way notification only happens if there is a form page or comment page on your site, there is an interaction on the customer side and only in this way there is a mutual interaction with the customer. Other than that, there is no interaction and we call such sites the websites established to provide standard information.

Features of E-Commerce Sites

E-Commerce site has an interactive infrastructure. E-commerce site is actually a software where data is recorded and read. This software infrastructure is edited and published with designs and software in a way that visitors to the site will understand and use. Using this software infrastructure, you can become a member of the site, add products to the basket and purchase the products you want to buy. E-Commerce software allows you to enter the management panel, that is, your account, and make transactions there. The standard website does not have this facility and only has a one-sided information submission service.

What is E-Commerce Integration Software?

E-Commerce Integration Software is a little different from an E-Commerce Software. In e-commerce software, there is a website that the visitor visiting the site sees, visits and interacts with. & Nbsp; There is no such situation in E-Commerce Integration Software. It is an intermediary software that allows you to transfer it to sites such as .com, For example, you sell textile products and sell your sales directly on, not from your e-commerce site, E-Commerce Integration Software does your job and the integration software allows you to transfer these products and update stocks.

E-Commerce Integration Software, E-Commerce Site and Standard Website Summary

We explained all three concepts above and explained the differences to you. Whatever software type works for you, you actually need to invest in that software. & Nbsp; If E-Commerce Integration Software is the most suitable option for you, you can use this software. In addition, both e-commerce site; If you need to use integration software, you can use such software in an integrated way. You can call us to get consultancy on these issues.

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