What is Digital Transformation, What is Not and Digital Transformation Future Predictions

We wanted to write an article about What Is Digital Transformation, What It Is Not and Digital Transformation Future Insights. We want to start by asking you the following question. If you are reading this article, you may be very interested in digital transformation or wondering what happened. In this article, we will inform you about what is and is not digital transformation in general and by making future predictions about digital transformation, let’s get started then.

What is and isn’t Digital Transformation and Digital Transformation Future Insights

What is Digital Transformation, What is it Not and Digital Transformation Future Insights While explaining the concept or process, let’s first explain what digital transformation is about. You will also see a link to another blog post under this paragraph. Let’s quickly log in, what is digital transformation? Yes, what comes to mind when you encounter this question? Setting up a website, implementing applications or renewing the servers in your company? You definitely caught something if these are coming; but literally digital transformation does not mean that.

What is Digital Transformation?

In the blog post above, you can look in detail what is digital transformation; but we want to start the article with an example. The Amazon AWS ReInvent 2018 event was held and at this event, Amazon.com company’s Cloud / Cloud services company announced Amazon AWS 2018 figures. Worldwide revenue of Amazon AWS Cloud services for 9 Months 2018 is approximately $ 27 Billion. Yes, you did not read it wrong, there is a realized income of exactly 27 billion dollars and this figure will be around 35 billion dollars at the end of the year. Don’t get me wrong, this figure is not the entire income of the Amazon.com company; Amazon AWS, which provides cloud services alone, has revenue of $ 35 billion. Amazon.com’s revenue is around $ 75-100 billion.

Amazon.com and Amazon AWS Digitization Case

So how did Amazon company reach the above revenue figures? Amazon does not have its own product, factory, or oil well. So they have nothing but knowledge and technology. They started with an e-commerce site; However, this e-commerce site model was not the e-commerce site model we know. This software was a promising e-commerce software that manages and records information and ultimately processes that information. In addition to these, the most important reason is that Amazon company carried out its digital transformation, invested in its infrastructure, technologies and manpower.

How Amazon Company Achieved Digital Transformation

Amazon company invested in knowledge and human power. There are two most important processes of digital transformation. He invested in the concept of knowledge, or what we call Data in the software world. Data is today’s oil and needs to be processed. Amazon has invested and learned data around the world. He processed this data and at the same time invested in manpower to understand this data very well and use technology and knowledge. For example, you will integrate a system into AWS Cloud services, who will do this? Of course, a talented person who knows this job will do.

Investing in People in the Digital Transformation Process

In digital transformation, investing in people, raising and making them happy is as important as investing in technology. Companies or managers who want to achieve digital transformation should be visionary and future-oriented. Digital transformation is not about having a website or a server set up. In digital transformation, it is a concept that should include all the technology, information – data and human resources that companies need and make their lives easier.

How Companies Should Act in Digital Transformation

This question is actually the most important one. In digital transformation, there are always Problem and Solution concepts. Customer movements and an unrealized purchase are a problem for you, and the solution to this should definitely be sought with digital transformation. Because a digitalizing generation is coming and in the next 5-10 years, which is very seriously digitized and realized with smart phones, tablets and computers; There is even a digital revolution process that includes artificial intelligence processes. In order to overcome this process correctly and well, you first need to train people, namely your manpower, and then strengthen your technology infrastructure.

How To Use The Technology Infrastructure Service Of Digital Transformation

This question is an important question asked by some companies. Should they make their servers or technology investments within themselves; or use cloud services. When you purchase cloud services, you can use your data over the cloud for a monthly fee and avoid server spending and costs. Or you can use private cloud service to store your important data over a hybrid model; In the other cloud service, you can process your general information. With very good planning, you can realize your digital transformation.

If To Summarize;

Digital transformation is a very important process for companies and they need to shape their organizational structures accordingly. The most important investment companies can make is manpower; they need to train and manage their human resource very well; because now it has become very easy to establish a technology infrastructure. The important thing is to provide qualified human resources to use this technology. It is not easy to provide qualified manpower and it will work for you in this field; You should not forget that you need qualified manpower to understand your language.

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