What is Digital Transformation, Its Contribution to Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

What is Digital Transformation, Its Contribution to Digital Marketing and E-Commerce. Authorities at the management level and marketing processes of companies need to examine this issue in depth. Digital transformation is sure to be the main agenda for everyone in a very short time, and nowadays, you can see a lot of activities related to digital transformation. So how will the processes and digital transformation; Have you ever wondered how it will affect digital marketing and e-commerce processes?

What is Digital Transformation, Its Contribution to Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

We wrote dozens of articles about what is digital transformation and shared the link of some of these articles below. You can also access other articles from the DijiKobi Blog page. If you ask what is digital transformation, let’s briefly explain it to you. Digital transformation is a concept that includes technology that helps you improve your business processes. When you perform digital transformation, you strengthen your company and your employees with the support of technology, which affects your business processes.

What is Digital Marketing and What are the Contribution of Digital Transformation to Digital Marketing?

Everyone knows the concept of digital marketing very well now and to summarize, digital marketing; Unlike traditional marketing, it is a concept for transferring marketing processes to digital processes and applying the marketing activities of the company or brand on the digital side. The digital marketing expert introduces the product to be promoted or sells using digital processes and uses digital techniques to reach potential customers.

Contribution of Digital Transformation to E-Commerce

Digital transformation affects all processes of companies today. From finance; until the sale is now in all the processes of the company. Digital transformation has become very important on the e-commerce side as well. All processes such as sales in marketplaces, marketplace advertising models, product integration are actually digital processes. When we include CRM infrastructures and e-invoice processes recently, you can see how important digital transformation is for companies.

What is Digital Transformation, Summarizing the Contributions to Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

If we summarize What is Digital Transformation, Their Contribution to Digital Marketing and E-Commerce, each company should consider how they can make their digital transformations in the best way by reviewing their digital processes. Digital transformation is too important to be overlooked. Before starting digital transformation, you can make a plan and determine the steps you will follow and realize this plan step by step.

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