What is Digital Transformation? Data Analysis and the Future of Cloud-Based Technologies

What is Digital Transformation? Data Analysis and the Future of Cloud-Based Technologies is a very new topic that everyone is curious about. Many large companies and large and small technology companies focused on this business; However, the transformation has not started and the companies that will use these services are not very convinced. So what will happen, the final point this digital transformation will reach, let’s make a prediction.

What is Digital Transformation? Data Analysis and the Future of Cloud-Based Technologies

What is Digital Transformation? Data Analysis and the Future of Cloud-Based Technologies is a topic that everyone is curious about, and in fact, these concepts are gradually entering our lives. In television advertisements, smart factories, electric autonomous vehicles, artificial intelligence-supported smartphones are starting to recognize faces, and you hear a lot of concepts under the subheading of digital transformation, such as AI-supported data analysis. Maybe you have never heard of many concepts and you cannot predict where things will go, let’s talk to you.

How Did Digital Transformation Begin?

Digital transformation actually started to develop with the development of technology and its involvement in business processes. For example, while making a drawing or a text with human power; With the introduction of computers into our lives, we actually carried these processes to computers and at this point, although no one realizes what the future is, digital transformation started here. While architects were drawing their projects on large papers, they suddenly started to draw places with 3D software and this is a very good example of digital transformation.

What are Cloud-Based Technologies?

Cloud-based technologies are actually a very new concept. Previously, there were hosting services to host websites, and when cloud-based technologies and hosting services were introduced and introduced, what people actually thought was hosting services a click-above or slightly faster hosting service or hosting service. Actually, this did not mean that for the future. As artificial intelligence technologies serve under cloud structures and applications are located on the cloud, it has started to be understood that the process is actually very different.

Artificial Intelligence Assisted Data Analysis and Cloud Based Computing

Under cloud-based services, artificial intelligence supported data analysis services have started to be provided and we can say that many companies will access these services at certain prices. In the past, it was almost impossible to reach a super computer and you could not imagine it. But now, thanks to cloud technologies, we can take advantage of these services by performing data analysis or transaction analytics using supercomputers.

How Will Artificial Intelligence Supported Data Analysis and Cloud Services Guide Companies in the Future?

In the future, artificial intelligence will be included in our lives in all areas and it is unthinkable for companies to stay away from this technology. Artificial intelligence will help people in all kinds of processes and make people’s work easier, that’s for sure. The increase in data and the interpretation of these data will also be very important, and in the future, data analysis supported by artificial intelligence will gain great importance. As VERIMAKER AI, we focus on the future in artificial intelligence supported data analysis and it is very important for you to focus.

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