What is Digital Transformation Consultancy Service?

What is Digital Transformation Consultancy Service? This concept is very important for SMEs and needs to be focused on. & Nbsp; SMEs complete their digital transformation processes one step ahead of their competitors by taking digital transformation consultancy services and proceed consciously and efficiently while receiving digital transformation services. Well, let’s take a look at what SMEs should pay attention to when buying this service.

What is SME Digital Transformation Consultancy Service?

What is SME Digital Transformation Consultancy Service? The concept of digital transformation is very new for SMEs, and nobody knows what digital transformation means for many SMEs. We will provide information on what digital transformation means for SMEs and how they get digital transformation consultancy and we will inform our SMEs about this.

What Does Digital Transformation Mean for SMEs?

Let’s talk a little bit about what digital transformation means for SMEs. The concept of digital transformation is actually a very comprehensive and very broad concept; However, we can explain it for SMEs as follows: & nbsp; Digitizing the production and service processes of SMEs and increasing the productivity of the company by automating business processes with digital. For example, you are an SME producing in the field of furniture and you want to digitize the processes in your furniture production.

The Effect of Digital Transformation on Production and Marketing

Let’s assume that you are producing an armchair in the example we gave in the furniture production process above; but you are doing this seat production completely manually or you have bought a few machines and you do it with these machines. In your production process, you cannot analyze processes such as the operation of the machines, how much furniture you need to produce, or which furniture you produce. In addition, you do not save information somewhere and you cannot report. You don’t have CRM software, you don’t have any database you manage, you don’t have an information infrastructure where you can save and manage customers, and you don’t save anything.

Digital Marketing and Marketing & amp; Managing Sales Processes

You do not have a website and you cannot exhibit the seats you have produced, and you only give information to people who know and call you on the phone, send photos and make your sales in this way. So in this case, you don’t have digital transformation and you do everything manually. In this way, your sales and marketing model does not work, and you do all the work with daily plans. At this point, the concept and process of digital transformation comes into play.

Where To Start Digital Transformation Processes

In the example above, you definitely need to start digital transformation; Because it is impossible for you to compete and grow in the market in this way. You may even sink or disappear in the later stages. In order to avoid bad results, you definitely need to perform digital transformation processes. You need to start the digital transformation process by establishing the right strategy, and to establish this right strategy, you should work with a digital technology agency specialized in this field.

What Should Be Your First Steps in the Digital Transformation Process?

First, set up a website and showcase yourself, your company and your products. In fact, these are the first stages of digital transformation. Afterwards, you need to set up a CRM infrastructure and monitor and report your products, customers and sales. Afterwards, you need to digitize your machines to make your production stages more efficient, and at the last stage, you need to do data analysis and increase your productivity by monitoring your production process with digital transformation. Of course, you need to do and continue all these processes with a quality company that provides digital transformation consultancy.

What is Digital Transformation Consultancy Service?

Digital transformation consultancy service is a concept created for the digitalization of SMEs and companies and to stand by SMEs and companies in these processes. The consultancy company or consultants providing this consultancy service will be with you in the digital transformation process and help you get through the process smoothly. Working with a consultant will help you get through these processes very easily. In addition, the consultant guides you correctly about costs and prevents you from harming. As Verimaker Digital Technology agency, you can always consult us to get digital transformation consultancy services.

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