What is Digital Transformation and IoT Internet of Things?

What is Digital Transformation and IoT Internet of Things? Digital transformation is a very important process for the next 10 years and companies will need to strengthen their digital transformation processes in order to survive in this process. You can check out our other blog posts to learn about what digital transformation is. In this article, IoT internet of things, which is a part of the digital transformation process; In other words, we will inform you about what is the internet of things and how it will contribute to the productivity of companies.

What is Digital Transformation and IoT Internet of Things?

What is Digital Transformation and IoT Internet of Things? IoT stands for “Internet of Things” in English. In other words, we can say its Turkish equivalent in its simplest form as “Internet of Things” or “Connected Devices” or “Internet Connected Devices”. The concept of Connected Devices, which you hear in English, fits well with the Turkish equivalent of Connected Devices. So what is the internet of things and why do we need internet of things in the digital transformation process?

What is IoT Internet of Things?

The concept of the internet of things actually signifies something. Technological gadgets or devices are now connecting to the internet. For example, your iPhone smartphone you use every day is a Connected Device, a device that connects to the internet. You connect to the internet using this device and perform many operations with this smartphone. You are doing banking transactions; You can now perform all transactions that affect business life, such as flight reservations or flight reservations, from your smartphone and you are generating data.

Another Example of IoT Internet of Things

If we need to give another example of the Internet of IoT Things, we can give an example of a Tesla tool. The Tesla vehicle, which is offered for sale as an electric vehicle, has an advanced computer inside and through this computer the Tesla vehicle can drive itself. This Tesla vehicle can be connected to the internet and also has the ability to connect to traffic lights and other vehicles. In other words, this tool generates data and this data needs to be interpreted and interpreted. For example, it is necessary to analyze and interpret many data such as which traffic lights passed by the vehicle, which one approached when it was red, and what the vehicle did when it saw pedestrians.

Smart Factory Solutions to the Internet of IoT Things

We can give an example of Smart Factory Solutions to the Internet of IoT Things. Dark factories have come into service in China, working entirely with internet and robot infrastructures to produce iPhones or other products. Since people are not working in these factories, there is no lighting. The machines do not need to see any object, as they do the job with sensors. Communicating only with data has become sufficient for factories and robots. Here, too, a data is produced in the same way, and analyzing this data has become very important.

IoT Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence Effect

IoT Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence Effect is one of the most important effects. In the future, there is a need for a process that will manage and move the machines and analyze the data they produce. This process is the artificial intelligence process. Robots act by interpreting the codes given to them by software. In other words, robots are actually programmed by humans, and robots work according to these commands. When artificial intelligence is fully involved, manufacturing robots will begin to learn the processes together with the artificial intelligence factor and will start to make decisions, produce and analyze data on their own.

Digital Transformation, IoT Internet of Things, Companies in the Artificial Intelligence Triangle

In Digital Transformation, IoT Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence Triangle, companies have to take their own importance. The world is changing faster and more different than ever before. The footsteps of the digital revolution and transformation are at our door and everything will change in a way that will never go back to the old times. In order to compete and progress efficiently, companies have to analyze these three factors well and make their investments in these stages. Companies need to set up their budgets and all other processes on the axis of digital transformation.

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