What is Digital SME or Digitalization of SMEs?

What is Digital SMEs or Digitalization of SMEs? Lately, you may be hearing or encountering the concepts of digitalization of SMEs or digital SMEs frequently. So let’s explain to you what this concept means. Digitalization is very important for all companies and companies are making significant investments and allocating budgets for digitalization; So where will SMEs be in this process?

Digital SME or What is Digitalization of & nbsp; SMEs?

What is Digital SMEs or Digitalization of SMEs? The question we asked in the introduction summary above is actually very important. Because SMEs do not have a lot of budget for digitalization like large-scale companies. In this case, how will the digitalization of SMEs be or will the digital SME really be and will all SMEs complete their digitalization process and perform this process without sinking or difficulty?

The Process From Traditional SME to Digital SME

SMEs have a traditional structure that cannot use technology very efficiently and this structure needs to be changed. This is a fact; because digitalization will be to the advantage of SMEs. It is very important here how we will digitize and convince SMEs. SMEs are attracted to enter e-commerce processes and the most important factor in these concerns is costs. Since SMEs consider e-commerce process to be a costly process, they are abstaining from e-commerce and are also abstaining from the digitalization process.

Why SMEs Avoid the Digitalization Process

The most important reason for SMEs to abstain from the digitalization process is that SMEs do not consider themselves competent or believe that digitization will not help them much from normal functioning. Because the previous experience of SME is the agency that said “Brother, Let’s Set Up a Website for 300 TL”. The aftermath is obvious, unprofessional websites or bad experiences. In fact, there is an SME that has a lot of trouble even in the process of setting up a website. In the second stage, Google or Facebook advertising agencies and bad experiences under the stairs telling you to advertise.

How to Persuade SMEs in This Process

How will SMEs, which experience such negative examples and have limited budgets, be convinced. SMEs must have positive experiences to be convinced of the digitalization process. For example, the fact that SMEs who want to enter e-commerce go through the process well and get a good experience from there may break this prejudice of SMEs. In the upcoming processes, it will be much easier for SMEs to view digitalization much more positively.

Informing SMEs Correctly in the Digitalization Process

In this process, SMEs should be informed correctly and services and processes that they do not need should not be provided to SMEs and their trust should not be broken. The software and technology processes needed by the SME should be implemented correctly, and then the services should be priced correctly. As much as the pricing is correct; It is equally important in providing good and quality service. In the digitalization process, projects should be planned for a long time and should be sustainable.

In Conclusion and Summary & nbsp; Digitalization of SMEs

Digitalization processes are very important for & nbsp; SMEs as well as other companies and will become much more important in the future. & nbsp; SMEs should be well explained and accurate information should be given when explaining digitalization and related transformations. At this point, the services to be received by SMEs should be in line with their budget and you should not incur exaggerated costs. Digitalization is a process with a wide range of content and this process should be well analyzed and explained about the digitization of SMEs and solutions should be offered to SMEs.

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