What is Company / SME Mentoring and Consultancy Services?

What is Mentoring and Consulting Services SME? & Nbsp; as a proportion of SMEs in Turkey are construction companies with the most competitive rates and ratios is a small disadvantage compared to other companies in the market. It is also very difficult for a & nbsp; SME to compete with other & nbsp; SMEs or companies. The reason for this is that & nbsp; SMEs’ structures are established to focus only on doing what they know, and they do not have a strong structure with processes such as marketing. At this point, & nbsp; SMEs should need professional consultancy and mentoring services.

What is SME Mentoring and Consulting Services?

What is SME Mentoring and Consultancy Services? SMEs stands for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises. Actually, & nbsp; SMEs are not just businesses like barbers and grocery stores that come to mind. Such enterprises are called micro & nbsp; SMEs. We can think of the concept of SMEs as actually manufacturing enterprises. From factories of a certain scale; Up to businesses that produce furniture, we can think of them as & nbsp; SMEs.

Why Do SMEs Need Mentorship and Consultancy Services?

Since SMEs are enterprises focused on production, the marketing structures of the market are not strong. & nbsp; SMEs’ focus on production actually prevents them from focusing on competition or efficiency in a way, and it becomes difficult for SMEs to be competitive in the market. & nbsp; SMEs also As they focus on production, they have difficulties in applying practices and techniques involved in marketing and business development, such as creating new markets and promoting their products.

What Services Do Mentorship or Consultancy Companies Offer to SMEs?

Companies such as DijiKobi Digital Technology Agency, which provides mentoring services for SMEs, take sides with SMEs and analyze their processes and produce an analysis after investigating the shortcomings of SMEs. By determining the steps to be taken according to this analysis, & nbsp; supports SMEs in processes such as SMEs being competitive, promoting their products in the market, creating new markets. & Nbsp; It is very important that SMEs become much more competitive in the future and the success of SMEs is good. depends on getting support from a mentoring and consulting company.

SMEs Consulting & amp; What Steps Should He Take in the Mentoring Process?

SMEs Consulting & amp; While receiving the mentoring service, they should put all their processes on the table with the consultancy company and have all processes analyzed and take action according to the resulting analysis. & Nbsp; SMEs must also strictly apply business practices and processes according to the prescription given by the consultancy and mentoring company. In addition, & nbsp; SMEs are not only for production; It also needs to focus on competitive processes such as marketing and sales, and at this point, the consulting agency ensures that SMEs are competitive in these areas.

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