What is Blockchain Technology in Digital Transformation?

What is Blockchain Technology in Digital Transformation? What is blockchain or its Turkish, and how it will affect the digital transformation process is a very curious subject. First of all, we will give you detailed information about what blockchain is and where it is used. Another issue is how to use blockchain technology in digital transformation, at what point it will benefit companies and which companies will use this technology a lot. We will also give you information about how blockchain and crypto money are used, let’s get started 🙂

What is Blockchain Technology?

Blockchain is a Turkish blockchain. & nbsp; The emergence of blockchain is actually an encryption algorithm or encryption technology that emerged with cryptocurrencies. Blockchain data is scattered across millions of computers. Deleting this data on any computer does not prevent that data from existing on other computers and this data is not deleted from other computers. For example, you have 100 Bitcoins, and people need to accept that it’s yours and trust you. This environment of trust was also provided by & nbsp; Blockchain technology, and thanks to this technology, your 100 Bitcoins are verified by chain members and no errors or confusion are involved.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Crypto Money Relations

The relationship between blockchain and Bitcoin emerged as a result of ensuring the security of data and the security of crypto money data and the verification of this figure. In fact, the emergence of blockchain is a process that results from ensuring the security and accuracy of this virtual money transfer. If it weren’t for blockchain technology; Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin or etherium would not be able to create a safe environment and cryptocurrencies would not have come to the fore. The blockchain system provided a secret tunnel system to cryptocurrencies with its own algorithm and verified the security of cryptocurrencies.

Is Blockchain Technology Safe?

Blockchain technology is the verification of a created data within millions of computers and servers and the presence of data in millions of computers. It is the fragmented form of data you produce on millions of computers. Even if the data is intercepted while moving, it is very very very safe because it is fragmented data. When you request this data, since this information is combined on your computer, it is very safe and almost unbreakable with today’s technology; that is, it is an impenetrable encryption technology structure. & nbsp;

How Does Blockchain Technology Work?

It is very important that we answer the question of how blockchain technology works. For example, you have a credit card and you use this credit card information on Amazon.com or another e-commerce site. Or, let’s consider examples like you’re going to use your credit card information at a hosting company. You hide your credit card information in the blockchain system and share this information with Amazon.com and shut down the system after making the purchase. The encrypted information sent from your computer to Amazon is combined there, completing the shopping and the information is closed. In other words, the chain is fragmented and your credit card information is contained in that system in a fragmented form. Even if someone hacks Amazon, it is useless because your information is fragmented and other parts are not there, so it cannot be interpreted. With this feature, blockchain is an incredible technology.

Which are the Future of Blockchain and the Sectors to Use?

If we say what the future of blockchain technology is, it is actually a technology that will be used in many sectors and will become widespread like electronic signature. Blockchain has started to be used in digital money technologies with Bitcoin today. It started to be used by Fintech and banks and various procedures started to be established. Blockchain, which will be used in the field of financial technologies and banking in the future, will be used in all areas related to technology and database. Instead of keeping the record in one place, a technology to keep millions of sites and data that cannot be lost is created, and there is no central database. In this way, it becomes impossible for data to be lost and destroyed.

Blockchain Summary

Blockchain, instead of recording important data in a single database, is distributed to millions of databases and computers; It is to be encrypted, that is to say, fragmented and encrypted, to be recorded and made very secure. Blockchain will be especially useful in the future to store and protect secure data or data. In financial fields, it will become indispensable and with the replacement of digital currencies and traditional currencies, publication such as e-signature will now become available. of companies in Turkey must be able to adapt quickly to this technology. & nbsp;

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