What are the Costs of Establishing an E-Commerce Site?

What are the Costs of Establishing an E-Commerce Site? We get many questions, and we will give you information about how to set up an e-commerce site in two different ways. The first is to set up your own e-commerce site infrastructure; Secondly, we will reduce your costs by giving you important information about how to set up an e-commerce site using a ready-made e-commerce site. & nbsp;

What are the Costs of Establishing an E-Commerce Site?

What are the Costs of Establishing an E-Commerce Site? E-commerce site establishment costs vary from company to company. With the costs of a company that will carry out a large-scale e-commerce operation; The costs of an e-commerce company that will set up and develop a small e-commerce site on a micro-SME scale will be different from each other. We will inform you by proceeding with both examples. & Nbsp;

E-Commerce Site Establishment Costs For Small-Scale (SME) Companies & nbsp;

Let’s assume that you will only sell phones and you are a small company and even as a sole proprietorship you will realize your e-commerce sales. As a start, even a site like Woocommerce will do your job and you can make your sales with this site. Or, from ready-made e-commerce sites, you can enter this process by making an agreement with the most affordable costs, namely 1,000 – 2,000 Tl annual fees. & Nbsp;

Costs of Establishing an E-Commerce Site for Large-Scale Companies

It is a bit more complicated and costly to set up an e-commerce site for large companies. If you are going to set up your own e-commerce infrastructure and have a budget, you can make an agreement with an outside agency and prepare a special software for yourself. Or you can examine a few of the ready-made e-commerce sites and have them tailored to you. & Nbsp;

Costs of Establishing Large-Scale E-Commerce Site

The minimum cost of setting up a large-scale e-commerce site will be between 50,000 – 100,000 TL. This fee includes cloud server cost and software costs. For example, a good cloud server will cost between 500 TL – 1000 TL per month. If you are going to set up a site with a lot of traffic, the costs of this site can be up to 5,000 TL. For example, you have run a backend and a frontend developer. You will pay 5,000 TL frontend, 6,000 TL a salary for the backend developer and will cost you 150,000 TL per year including taxes. Large-scale e-commerce site creation costs are high. & Nbsp;

Mid-size E-Commerce Site Establishment Costs

It is the most difficult in terms of the costs of setting up a medium-sized e-commerce site. In a way, it is the easiest for your budget. The hard thing is to remain indecisive. So if you start a project with your eyes high like a large-scale company, you hit a wall, so to speak. You need to start more cautiously. If you are going to set up a medium-sized e-commerce site, I suggest you start with one of the ready-made e-commerce software. If you can afford the infrastructure costs and it is not a problem for you, you can develop your own e-commerce software.

How to Get Started as a Result

Costs are very important to a business plan and to getting started. If you calculate your costs well, you will have a good start and you will be very successful. Make a budget according to the scale of the work you will do and spend your infrastructure by staying true to this budget. Start your business slowly at the beginning, do not get into everything too quickly and start your business with good research. When choosing software, talk to a few companies and decide on these interviews and costs in a table or with your instincts. We would like to support you in your e-commerce site establishment and digital transformation processes. & Nbsp;

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