What are Cloud / Cloud Services for Digital Transformation?

What are Cloud / Cloud Services?

We will explain cloud services in a simple way for you to understand very easily in this section. Cloud services are the services that you can use without a physical server or computer that serve over the internet. There are many companies such as Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, IBM Watson, Oracle that provide this service and you can benefit from cloud services through these companies.

Why Use Cloud Services?

The most important benefit of using cloud services is costs. The second important benefit is speed and accessibility from anywhere. For example, if you have an e-commerce site running on cloud services, it will work very quickly and you will not have to host a server in your own company for this site and you will not bear the electricity, internet and most importantly server costs of this server, and you will be able to reduce your costs at this point. Another important detail is that super computers that need high processing power are also included in cloud services, and in this way, you can benefit from this service at an affordable cost. For such reasons, cloud services are always much more advantageous [dijikobi.com] https://app.verimaker.com/dijital-donusum-surecinde-data-verinin-onemi-nedir/

What are Cloud / Cloud Service Types?

One of the software development tools on the cloud; You can benefit from all software related technologies such as web site hosting, application hosting. To give an example, there is a camera system installed at your workplace. You can transfer the videos recorded by this camera system to the cloud system and watch them on the cloud. Likewise, you can install the smartphone application of this camera on cloud systems and then open it from your smartphone to watch your factory and receive alerts in various situations. You can do all these operations through cloud services.

How are the Costs of Cloud Services?

Nowadays, the costs of cloud services have reached very favorable points and now the business is carried out with a payment-as-you-go logic. For example, the cost of hosting a WordPress site on the cloud has dropped to as low as $ 5-10 per month. These costs may also vary depending on the operation or field feature you take. There are actually a wide variety of options and costs. You can benefit from these services by choosing the appropriate costs. You can contact us for detailed information

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