Tracking Conversions on Your E-Commerce Site

We wanted to give you information about the Ways to Track Conversions on Your E-Commerce Site. You set up an e-commerce site and want to track recycling; but you don’t know how to do it. We decided to write an informative article on this subject, and after reading this article, you will at least have information about how you can track your conversions.

Ways to Track Conversions on Your E-Commerce Site

You have an e-commerce site and you want to monitor visitors to this site and you want to determine strategies by observing their behavior on the site. Monitoring visitor behavior will actually give you a huge advantage. When you follow these behaviors, you can have an idea of ​​which products are visited more, or why these products have turned into sales or if they have not turned into sales.

How can you monitor your e-commerce site?

You need to use various tools and methods to monitor an e-commerce site. We can give an example of Google Analytics, which is the first tool that comes to mind and almost everyone uses. Another tool is Yandex Metrica. You can track your e-commerce site conversions using these two tools. Yandex Metrica also has features such as Heat Map and Sitemap, with these features you can analyze what your customers are looking at on which pages.

Tracking E-Commerce Conversions Using Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free application and you can use this application by making the necessary settings when you log in with your google account. First, open a google account and then enter your account by typing google analytics; Then google analytics will generate a code for you after defining your website to watch, and this code will be sent to your website & lt; head & gt; code & lt; / head & gt; You add google analytics code to your tag or from your admin panel, and analytics can now track your site.

Opening a Yandex Metrica Account and Watching Conversions

The whole process we explained above in google analytics is also valid for yandex metrica. To use Yandex metrica, open a yandex account or use your existing account. Search for Yandex metrica and then define your site by clicking on the definition site from the account you entered. Then add the tracking code provided to your site. In fact, it is very important to find out how to do this by tampering with the management panels. This way, you will be much more successful.

Setting Up and Tracking Conversions After Tracking Starts

You have set up Google analytics and tracking has started. After the visitor views started, you saw which visitor was looking at which product and you were able to report this data. In the next process, to monitor conversions, that is, who visited which product and how many of these visits turned into sales as a percentage. Google analytics offers you the goal setting feature for your e-commerce site and also reports the visits that turn into sales in percent by setting up. It can be difficult for someone who has no technical knowledge of the subject to adjust these goal settings, and we recommend that you get support from a professional.

Summary on Analytics Data Tracking

First, set your analytics settings yourself and watch your data yourself, then you can improve the process gradually. If you need support from a professional agency in the next stages, you can contact us and we would like to support you in these matters. & Nbsp;

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