The journey of E-Commerce and Retail stores from 2D internet browser to 3D augmented reality: You can be successful in e-commerce with AR augmented reality

There was a decrease in retail sales all over the world due to the corona virus epidemic. Although the most important reason for this decline is that people close themselves at home; however, if the stores were open, shopping could be made and sales could increase. People postponed their needs because they could not reach the stores in the shopping malls. As in the whole world; Turkey also closed all shopping malls and shopping centers located within the stores. With the closure of stores, declining sales, and the worldwide supply chain being affected by this epidemic, companies started to experience huge losses in their turnover.

Although 2 months have passed since the epidemic, all shopping malls are still closed and this closed situation will continue until mid-May. Luxury brands and clothing stores with stores in the shopping mall are also having a hard time, and due to the Corona virus, how the customers who come to the store will try out the clothes is another matter of discussion. Stores have the chance to overcome this problem and inspect products to their customers with AR augmented reality and they can return to their old sales with a structure that they will support through e-commerce channel.

The outbreak occurred all over the world in March, and retail sales have dropped by around 20 percent since March. Clothing sales fell almost 50% worldwide. The sales of the furniture industry also dropped by 30 percent, and we can say that luxury products fell by 35 percent all over the world. nevertheless these figures in Turkey, we can say fell approximately the same rate. Considering these numbers, it is very important for companies to invest in e-commerce channels and strengthening these channels will contribute to the sales of companies.

Before the corona epidemic, all stores were promoting their sales through the retail channel and did not give much weight to e-commerce channels. However, the epidemic, which affected the whole world, realized how important e-commerce is and that companies should strengthen e-commerce channels. Strengthening e-commerce channels is done with technology investment. Augmented reality can be a very good option, especially to sell clothing and products that customers buy by looking and touching, via e-commerce.

Customers can see a product they will buy with augmented reality, examine them in detail and make a purchase decision. In the future, VR and AR technologies will become widespread and can be used in the e-commerce sector; However, when we consider today’s technologies and digital structures of companies, it seems that we have some time. In fact, today’s technology is available to build the entire VR and AR infrastructure, but companies are not ready for it. Companies need to step into this area by establishing their digital infrastructure. E-commerce companies that will make their investments on this side will be very profitable in the future.

In the future, technology will be much more advanced. With artificial intelligence and other technologies, your whole body and products will be scanned in 3D and instantly transferred to digital, and you will be able to see the shoes or clothing you want to buy from a store with augmented reality and you will be able to buy this product immediately. These products will come to you with autonomous vehicles and e-commerce channels will become very important. Augmented Reality Technology (AR), augmented reality will be a very important channel especially for retail and e-commerce in the future.

The journey of E-Commerce and Retail stores from 2D internet browser to 3D augmented reality: You can be successful in e-commerce with AR augmented reality. Today, e-commerce companies are still confined to 2D internet browsers, and this process will change with the development of AR and VR technologies and e-commerce companies have 3D internet scanners and VR glasses will provide a 3D sales experience. VR glasses are gradually becoming widespread and they will be used in the education-game sector and even the industrial sector all over the world, and thanks to 3D VR glasses and virtual reality, e-commerce and retail sales will bring real touch and vision to all homes.

As Verimaker Digital Moment, we think that using VR glasses from e-commerce channels and investing in this channel will be very important, especially for shops selling clothing and luxury products. When you establish an infrastructure in this way, all your customers will buy products quickly by experiencing a real shopping experience, and this buying decision will be realized easily and the KPI will be increased to turn into sales. With glasses like Oculus, great work will come out and companies will stand out in the future.

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