The Effect of Artificial Intelligence in Your Company’s Digital Transformation Projects

Digital transformation processes are now at our door and companies need to make plans to realize their digital transformation as soon as possible. Artificial intelligence technologies, which you have heard from TV programs and news published by various news sites, are no longer too far from the processes of companies. So how should companies take steps in this process and what actions should they take?

The Effect of Artificial Intelligence in Your Company’s Digital Transformation Projects

The Effect of Artificial Intelligence in Your Company’s Digital Transformation Projects. We all see a smartphone manufacturer’s marketing argument in television commercials. A phone with a facial recognition feature with artificial intelligence technology and watching the advertisement may be just a marketing argument to some of us. Some of us no longer seem to hear that artificial intelligence can say what is it doing on the phone. It is a new concept for everyone and how will you use artificial intelligence when companies are basically unable to complete their digital transformations?

Where Does The Relationship Between Digital Transformation and Artificial Intelligence Begin?

Digital transformation will change the way companies do business and make it easier for companies in the future, this is now a well-known issue. Many of the companies are still not ready for digital transformation and are not allocating a budget for digital transformation; However, in the future, companies will definitely reflect on this issue and move their business to digital transformation. The relationship of artificial intelligence with digital transformation will actually come into play at this point. Artificial intelligence technologies will be used to increase the efficiency and performance of your digitalized business processes.

Which Business Processes Will Artificial Intelligence Improve?

If we say which business processes of Artificial Intelligence companies will improve, we can make a simple statement that it will actually improve all business processes in the digital field. They have deeper explanations; but we want to explain by giving examples from life without going into much technique. For example, you provide warehouse service and packaging. By moving these processes, that is, all the processes of packaging, to digital, you monitor the data and then you want to analyze this data. At this point, artificial intelligence follows the points that the human eye cannot see.

Artificial Intelligence Monitors, Analyzes and Learns Business Processes.

Artificial intelligence monitors and learns all your digital business processes. It monitors and analyzes your digital storage processes as exemplified above. With machine learning, he learns all processes and then thinks about how the processes he learned can be more efficient. As an example, it increases your efficiency in your business process by monitoring all processes, such as maybe you are doing the packaging wrong, maybe you are loading the vehicles incorrectly, maybe you are placing the packages incorrectly in the vehicle.

The Contribution of Artificial Intelligence to Customer-Based Processes

Artificial intelligence learns an e-commerce site by following processes such as its communications with customers, purchases, and customer expectations, and focuses on increasing the sales of your brand and increasing the performance of your e-commerce processes by offering customer-specific experiences and suggestions. Artificial intelligence is actually a learning and doing business model by undertaking jobs that a person or hundreds of people cannot do and doing these jobs successfully. You may think that your company will be very efficient when this model is used actively.

As a result;

Artificial intelligence will begin to be used actively by all companies in all processes over a period of 5-10 years and will make significant contributions to manpower. The most important advantage of artificial intelligence is that the activities that tire employees are carried out entirely by artificial intelligence and, contrary to the fear, it does not take away the work of people; it will step in to helping people in their work. Companies must first complete their digital transformation and then start gradually adopting artificial intelligence technologies.

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