The Destructive and Leveraging Effect of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation has a devastating effect on many companies around the world today; or it moves up with the effect of leverage. In fact, companies that are well prepared for digital transformation are doing very well and increasing their revenues. The companies that cannot realize this transformation either go bankrupt; Or is dealing with resistance for a long time. So what do you need to do and what steps should you take to get rid of this destructive effect of digital transformation?

The Oppressed Under the Disruption of Digital Transformation and Technology
The digital transformation process is not new. For many years, companies have been transforming in this field and trying to adapt their infrastructures according to this new system; However, companies that do not fully understand digital transformation and think that this transformation is just technology, make very important strategic mistakes. In return for these mistakes, they completely exit the economic system and live. We have seen examples of these in our country recently. With the collapse of magazines and newspapers, we actually started to see the unpredictable effects of digital transformation.

Why Firms Can’t Keep Up With Digital Transformation
Digital transformation is actually a culture rather than just establishing or investing in technological infrastructure. It is necessary to understand this culture very well and to invest accordingly. We can give Netflix success as an example of this culture. Netflix is ​​an internet video site streaming on online platforms. Netflix actually did this. We used to go to a shop to watch videos, rent videotapes and return them to the video store after watching them. Netflix brought this system to the internet and enabled you to watch all the movies for a monthly fee, and it was very successful.

Digital Transformation Under the Netflix Success Story
The success of the Netflix company is not just based on renting videos online. Netflix has also built a culture. This is a digital culture and Netflix has adopted the digital, and has managed to produce content suitable for it. Digital transformation mostly targets young people and it is a fact that young people adapt to digital transformation much faster. While middle and advanced ages spend time on Facebook; young people spend time on Instagram and try out new digital platforms. Young people are very active and energetic, it is necessary to make transformations suitable for them and to create content suitable for young people. Netflix has achieved this and brought the youngsters around by making the TV series that young people will watch only for its own platform.

Success Stories of Digital Transformation
We can say that Netflix is ​​the most important success story of digital transformation. Companies like Apple and Amazon have also made their digital transformation and started selling their experiences. From this point of view, the digital transformation process is not just a technology; it’s also a culture. In a period when technologies are rapidly getting old; It is very important to apply digital transformation as a culture and teach it to the whole ecosystem. If you want your company to be successful, you should adapt digital transformation to your company as a culture.

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