Mobile App Application Economy Will Mark The Next Era

Mobile App Application Economy Will Mark The Next Era and we will manage almost all processes from mobile app applications. You ask why? The reason is very simple actually. Mobile applications first entered our lives as applications that we use the features of smartphones. Later, we met messaging applications such as WhatsApp. With the development of the processors of smart phones, mobile applications have become very powerful and today we are carrying out very important works from mobile applications.

First of all, we would like to briefly explain how mobile app applications came to this day. We can say that Apple has made the greatest effort for the development of mobile applications. As you know, mobile applications are used in smartphones and tablets today. We cannot use very effective mobile applications on the desktop computers and laptops we use; But Apple has a breakthrough in this regard, and very soon we will be able to use mobile apps like we use on MacBooks and all iOS and MacOS operating systems, smartphones and tablets.

So, how are we going to use mobile applications in computer systems. This situation is entirely related to the operating system, the Windows operating system is currently not very suitable for running app-style applications; but Apple is making the most important breakthrough in this regard. Especially with the use of ARM processors in iPhones and then iPads and with the development of these processors today, the App sector has developed and progressed in parallel. ARM processors have reached such a point that today A14 Bionic is a smartphone processor that can pass the highest level user computer processor in tests!

Let’s talk about how ARM processors developed. Due to the coloring of mobile phones’ screens and different operations on phones, studies on processors and operating systems of smart phones have intensified and the most important breakthrough has been made by companies working on the ARM system. Apple fell on this issue and invested in ARM; He even later bought the company that produced the ARM operating system and made it possible to develop it by investing in this operating system. ARM operating systems today power all iPhones and iPads.

With smart phones and powerful graphics processors powered by ARM operating systems, smartphones have become very powerful, and after that, applications that increase the productivity for games and users for these systems started to be prepared and these applications met with users through the App Store. Today, the mobile app economy has reached enormous numbers and is on its way to becoming the largest economy in the future, and companies definitely need to invest in the mobile app industry and develop their business in the future.

With the latest statements, the App application industry in 2019; It reached 204 billion uploads and worldwide spending figures of $ 120 billion. These numbers do not include 3rd party app stores, and as you know, there are 3rd party app stores made by Chinese. In 2020, these figures are estimated to exceed 130 billion downloads, and it is predicted that an additional $ 112 billion will be spent on iOS – Android platforms.

Users spend an average of 4 hours per day in applications, and smartphones have become the tools that users do almost a lot of work, and therefore the smartphone and application economy has become very important. Due to Covid-19, usage times and download numbers have accelerated. While we cannot predict full acceleration, the industry grew by an average of 25%, which is a very significant growth figure.

The app industry is a very important industry and major application initiatives have reached a valuation of around $ 600 billion. In the future, applications and initiatives will emerge in areas such as payment systems, delivery, efficiency and project management that we cannot predict, and these initiatives will become very strong. Companies need to make their future plans based on applications. You can enter this economy and get a share from this market by establishing initiatives in areas such as gaming and productivity in the application field.

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