How To Integrate Artificial Intelligence Technology In Your E-Commerce Site

How You Can Integrate Artificial Intelligence Technology into Your E-Commerce Site. Artificial intelligence technologies are now being used in many areas and we have seen the latest example of the company that creates a CV infrastructure. The startup company named CV Compiler examines your CV with artificial intelligence technology, offers you solutions and improves your CV and makes you stand out from the competition. So how can you develop successful projects on your E-Commerce Site using artificial intelligence technology.

How Can You Integrate Artificial Intelligence Technology into Your E-Commerce Site?

How You Can Integrate Artificial Intelligence Technology into Your E-Commerce Site. Although it seems difficult to use artificial intelligence technology on your e-commerce site at the beginning, it is actually a not so difficult process. Artificial intelligence technology has become widespread and is used in many areas and industries. There are experts who know their job very well in this regard, and these experts help you develop your business by offering you solutions with artificial intelligence technology. VERIMAKER AI provides the technology infrastructure of DijiKobi Digital Technology Agency and we can provide you with solutions with VERIMAKER AI.

How Can You Use Artificial Intelligence Technology On Your E-Commerce Site?

Let’s talk about how you can use artificial intelligence technologies on your e-commerce site. In order not to scare you, we actually want to talk about smaller scale applications and projects. There are textile products on your e-commerce site and you display these products on live mannequins and you are not very satisfied with your sales and your visitors leave the site high. At this point, we see that there is a problem with your site and you need to find and solve this problem, because your sales are falling too much and you are harming.

How To Solve The Problem On Your E-Commerce Site With Artificial Intelligence?

In the example above, you need to define a strategy to solve the problem. There is a problem and this problem should be resolved. How will you solve this problem, the first thing that comes to mind is human power, but you can analyze the problem to a certain extent with manpower. Artificial intelligence technology & nbsp; It comes into play here and solves the problem by analyzing your e-commerce site. So let’s approach with a little bias, will AI really be able to solve the problem or is it a marketing strategy? Absolutely not, you can be sure of that. How did you buy a new computer and the features of this computer and what it will do are obvious; Likewise, this applies to artificial intelligence.

How Artificial Intelligence Solves the Problem in E-Commerce Site?

You have used artificial intelligence and you have perceived what the problem is on your site, I wonder how the artificial intelligence solved the problem, let’s talk a little about that. Artificial Intelligence has a supercomputer technology and a software infrastructure close to thinking like a human. You connect your e-commerce site and data infrastructure to this technology and artificial intelligence begins to analyze your e-commerce site. Of course, you start the process by defining how to do this with your own team and defining the data to artificial intelligence in that way.

Artificial Intelligence Analyzes Problems and Offers Solutions

Artificial intelligence perceives the problem you have on your e-commerce site or with your customer and actually learns by experiencing it. As a result of this deep learning part and this learning, it ultimately switches to a solution process and offers you a solution. For example, you have 2 different products on your site and you have made separate landing pages for these two different products and connected them to artificial intelligence. Many visitors to the site on one of the two pages leave the page, and artificial intelligence reveals the possible reason for this.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Perform This Analysis?

In the example above, there are 2 different pages and let’s consider the visitor rate to be the same; but from one, 90 percent of visitors leave the page immediately without making a purchase. There is a 50 percent exit from the other page and the sale is taking place, so there is a problem. Is this problem caused by the product sold on the page; Or is it caused by the page? Are the pictures loaded late, the pictures of the product on the page bad, or the colors take people off the site. Artificial intelligence analyzes all these processes, solves the problem and takes the right action.

As a result;

As a result, we need to think that artificial intelligence is actually a technology that facilitates human life or the lives of companies. In the example above, we had an analysis for 2 pages; But if you consider hundreds of thousands of product pages of a large e-commerce site, you may think how important artificial intelligence is.

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