How to choose social media management and social media agency?

With the prominence of social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and YouTube, how should social media management and social media agency selection be made? questions started to be asked a lot and we wanted to write an article about it. First, we want to remind you a brief history. With the advent of Twitter in 2006, they started to share people’s feelings and information about their products with their followers, and then Instagram and then social media, with the rapid growth of TikTok, companies became a very important marketing tool.

The number of users using social media channels has also increased enormously, and almost half of the people in the world use smartphones and 4.5 billion people are thought to use the internet. The number of people thought to have accessed social media channels is approximately 4 billion people. Considering these numbers, almost 60% of the world’s population spends their time online and on social media channels.

Social media channels help people express themselves and people spend their time on social media channels. It has become important to spend time on social media and produce content, especially due to the emergence of Covid-19 and people closing home. The number of people who have been online in the last 12 months is 300 million and this number is growing. 40% of the world still does not have internet, and for the next 5-10 years, this number will probably decrease and the number of people connected to the Internet will increase rapidly.

The average internet usage in the world is 6 hours and 43 minutes per person, and this is almost equal to the working hours of a company. People now spend most of their time on the internet, and social media also outweighs this rate. In 2020, people spent a human year of 1.25 billion years online, and when we look at this figure, we can say that it is a very serious number. It has become much more important to use mobile devices while spending time on social media.

With the strengthening of the processors of smart phones and the improvement of the software features of the media such as TikTok, social media is gradually developing and will continue to develop. Applications are used in almost 90% of the time spent using smartphones on the Internet, and applications will become very important in the future. The average social media usage on all devices is about 3 hours and this time is increasing.

Young people use social media at a high rate and the number of Instagram users between the ages of 18-24 is 274 million, while this figure is 325 million between the ages of 25-34. The total number of Instagram users is approximately 928 million worldwide and it is thought that this number will exceed 1 billion in 2021. The number of followers of Instagram is 325 million people, while Cristiano Ronaldo’s number of followers is 196 million. Ariana Grande is in third place and her number of followers is 170 million.

When we look at the Instagram numbers above, the numbers are amazing and these numbers will get much bigger in the future. Linkedin has 663 million members and you can reach this audience through marketing activities. Snapchat has 382 million users, Twitter 339 million, Pinterest 169 million and YouTube 2 billion users. Today’s shining star is TikTok, and it is predicted that about 800 million and the number may surpass YouTube in the coming years.

The numbers of e-commerce are also increasing rapidly in the world and 80% of people are looking for the product they will buy in search engines. 90% of consumers before buying a product; They visit the e-commerce site that sells that product and compare the prices of these products. If they can buy these products with affordable and fast delivery features, they prefer to buy from the e-commerce site. Considering the traffic and vehicle usage costs, using e-commerce sites provides time benefits for consumers.

When we consider all these data, how should we choose social media management and social media agency? is a very important question and companies should pay attention to social media. Managing social media and creating strategies in social media requires experience and talent. You should make your social media management planning by considering all the data and you should analyze your customer target audience very well and allocate their resources.

Managing social media is a very tiring and difficult task. Doing this job by unfamiliar agencies can damage your brand, and you need to manage this process with companies that are qualified and do good work in this field. As Dijikafe Digital Lifestyle & Innovation, we offer you creative services. You can contact us for detailed information and you can review the social media 2020 report from the presentation below.

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