E-Commerce Site Acceleration and Performance

E-Commerce site acceleration and performance increase is very important. Due to the slow opening of your site, users who visit your site will quickly exit your site and will not visit again. This will cause you to lose customers and increase your bounce rate, which we call bounce rate. We give you good tips on how to speed up your E-Commerce site. & Nbsp;

How to Determine E-Commerce Site Speed ​​

When users who visit your e-commerce site search for you on Google or if they know the name of your site, they try to enter your site directly by typing in the internet browser and the time they wait while trying to enter your site is the opening speed. If your site opens in 10 seconds, this is a very bad time for an e-commerce site. E-commerce sites should be opened in a maximum of 3 seconds and should be a fast site. The customer does not wait 10 seconds and leaves your site.

Average E-Commerce Site Opening Time

As we mentioned above, the opening speed of an average e-commerce site should not exceed 3 seconds. If your site opens in more than 3 seconds, you need to make the necessary adjustments. If you are wondering how to find out the opening time of your site, here is the answer; There are sites that test your site opening speed, and by entering these sites, you can find out how fast your site is opening and why it works slowly.

How Can You Test Your E-Commerce Site?

There are websites and software that you can test the opening speed of your E-Commerce site and technical problems. Google Tools is one of them. & Nbsp; https: //gtmetrix.com/ is one of the main sites and you enter gtmetrix and enter your domain name, that is, the name of your site, then click analyze and the software analyzes and shows all the problems on your site. After these analyzes, your site will speed up after you do the necessary actions.

How Do You Solve Technical Problems as a Result of Analysis?

If you have a software developer, you can share the software-related problems that arise as a result of the analysis. If you do not have any software developer and you are using a ready-made site; either you discuss this issue with the company from which you purchased the site; Or you can get support from the agency or consultancy company that will do this job. The problems can sometimes be related to the hosting company you use, and you can get support from the hosting company in this regard.

What are the Causes of Slowing Problems in E-Commerce Site?

One of the most important reasons is that hosting is running slow. Some hosting companies may react late and this may be the reason for the slowdown, especially if you are using cheap shared hosting. Another problem is that there are too many pictures on the site and the size of these pictures is large, and you can use software or websites that will reduce their size while saving the pictures. In addition, the site is not opened due to the unnecessary coding of the software codes. Especially CSS and Javascript codes cause this problem. As a result of the analysis, you can see all the problems we wrote here on the analysis page. Now you can see the problems by entering the gtmetrix site and analyzing your site.

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