Digital Transformation Tips for Your E-Commerce Site

In this article titled Digital Transformation Tips for Your E-Commerce Site, we will give you some tips to increase sales and provide a much better customer experience on your e-commerce site. After applying these tips to your e-commerce site, you will start to get good results and you will have included several stages in the digital transformation process by improving your customer experience. Let’s look at these tips together.

Digital Transformation Tips for Your E-Commerce Site

Let’s briefly talk about the first digital transformation on Digital Transformation Tips for Your E-Commerce Site. Implementing digital processes related to your digital transformation and the processes you have implemented are processes that positively affect your way of doing business and increase your performance. Digital transformation processes should be evaluated positively in general, and since digital transformation is a long-term way, your investments should have positive returns for you. If there are negative returns, you should review those processes again, the main purpose is to make the processes positive.

Improving Your Technology Infrastructures In The Digital Transformation Process

In digital transformation, there are two things you need to do first. The first is to update your technology infrastructures; The second is the manpower to manage these technologies and come up with solutions. We have set up a digital transformation website, it should not be done with the logic that everything was great. You set up the website but it opens slowly, the colors are not good, you cannot provide a good customer experience; then some processes are going wrong and unmanageable.

Educating Human Power Well in the Digital Transformation Process

Manpower is very, very important in the digital transformation process. Even if you set up the world’s top technology, you still have to employ people to manage that technology. Technology does something of its own; but still manpower is very important at this point. You are reading the news about artificial intelligence nowadays; Although artificial intelligence helps people in many processes; it is still people who prepare data for this technology and program the algorithms of this technology and manage these technologies!

Your E-Commerce Site Infrastructures Be Very, Very Fast

This topic is very important. Whatever you do, save money, budget and have a fast-running e-commerce site infrastructure. If necessary, use the fastest servers in Amazon AWS Cloud and switch to an infrastructure that runs very fast and has 100% uptime at monthly costs. Your site should open fast, the images on the site load fast and visitors should not have bad experiences in the process of navigating the site. Your site should work like clockwork and the customer will have a negative experience at the slightest mishap and will leave your site.

Take Care of Your E-Commerce Site Design and User Experience UX / UI

You may have heard of UX / UI concepts. If you know what it is, you are in a good position. Let us explain briefly for those who do not know these two concepts. UX User Experience, ie user experience; UI User Interface means user interface. It is the interface you encounter when someone enters the site or uses an application. The other is user experience. You have entered a site, browsed, added a product to the basket, deleted, exited, re-entered, and everything you encounter and experience in these processes is user experience and you should give great importance to the user experience on your site and have your design prepared accordingly.

Show Yourself, Your Brand, To Those Who Visit Your E-Commerce Site

You might wonder what does this mean; but show the customer the feeling that you are a good and successful brand. How will you show this? By advertising? or go to the top in google adwords, of course not! Everyone is doing the advertisement, you need to carry out a good digital transformation process and let the customer experience it. Take a look at as an example. There is actually a digital transformation process at many points when you enter There are even very successful digital transformation processes. Simply put, never crashes easily, have you ever seen a crashing amazon site on black friday!

Don’t Let Your E-Commerce Site Crash On Black Friday

Do not say what it has to do. Websites such as Hepsiburada, Teknosa,,, announced last Black Friday and Black Friday campaigns days ago and made very successful campaigns and announced their discounts to everyone. What happened next, Hepsiburada cart collapsed for about 45 minutes, many parts of the site did not work. Teknosa became unavailable that night and welcomed everyone with the warning that we are doing maintenance work to serve you better. So who were the survivors of this important shopping night? Of course, and So why did these sites survive and proceed with zero problems without any problems? because the infrastructure of both worked well in the cloud systems. Of course, this is not a simple event, the technology infrastructure, database structures and even the coding logic of the sites are effective in this, but as a result, the survivor wins ­čÖé

Not As Simple As You Think Or As You Think

What does this mean? It means that you have a ready-made e-commerce site and everything is not over. This ready-made e-commerce site will not meet your needs and will cause you many problems; So, set up an e-commerce site for yourself and try to make it great in the long run. Since you do not have ready-made e-commerce site codes, you will not be able to do much on it. In the example above, the giants of the sector collapsed that night, these things are not that easy. In other words, to say that we have made digital transformation does not mean that we have established an e-commerce site.

Set Up Your Digital Transformation On Your E-Commerce Site On Customer Satisfaction

Build your digital transformation processes for your E-Commerce site on customer satisfaction. If there is no customer, your work will make no sense. Apple and its iPhone smartphone can be given as an example. Why do people pay tens of thousands of dollars and buy iPhone or MacBook computers? The reason is simple; Because Apple provides a very good customer experience to the customer in the digital transformation process; the customer cannot get this experience on other devices. Because people who buy other brands cannot give that money to Apple; They have taken the substitution. Actually, everyone wants to use an iPhone. This is actually a digital transformation process. If you can live these experiences of Apple; You can be very successful.

Digital Transformation Process On Your E-Commerce Site As A Result;

As a result, you need to improve your technology infrastructure while performing the digital transformation of your e-commerce site. We need to agree on this; because this issue is very important. Apart from that, customer experience and customer satisfaction with your site are very important. If 60 percent of customers are not satisfied, you need to rethink your processes. Apart from this, of course, your marketing activities, sales strategies and customer relations processes are also very important for success, and digital transformation processes are technology-dependent, but it is a process that includes these processes. In digital transformation, no subject can be considered independently of each other.

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