Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing What is Cloud Computing?

Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing What is Cloud Computing? Cloud computing is cloud computing in the concept we hear the most with digital transformation. So what is this cloud computing. We can use English Cloud (cloud) computing as transaction processing or informatics. In fact, because the technology is western-based, we call this computing term cloud computing. We summarize the Turkish name as cloud computing and cloud services. We have explained in detail below what cloud computing and cloud services are for you.

Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing What is Cloud Computing?

Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing What is Cloud Computing? Digital transformation is at the top of all digital processes. When we say digital transformation, concepts such as cloud computing or cloud services are under digital transformation. In the digital transformation process, all of the technological developments and processes are the process of digital transformation, so you can always think of digital transformation as the top of the roof.

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Cloud Computing / What is Cloud Computing?

This question is actually one of the most important questions for the future. To explain it in the simplest and most understandable way; Cloud computing is the service of providing all information technology services in the cloud environment. In other words, it is the service of providing all the services required by information technologies such as processor, software, server, business intelligence, statistical and mathematical analysis, server and storage services, computing services with supercomputers, network and software services and security services on the internet, ie in the cloud. >

Why Is Cloud Computing or Cloud Services Important?

Cloud services are very important to companies and the reason why these services become important is the advantages they provide. Cloud services are very important for reasons such as efficient, fast, performance, secure, cost-effective and globally accessible from every point. By using cloud services, you can reach your customers or companies that use your products and services from all over the world on an international scale.

What Are the Types of Cloud Services?
Public Cloud Services

Cloud services are also divided into types or listed in specific areas. It is divided into three types as public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud. The public cloud is a public cloud service where all services are stored. Firms that provide third-party cloud services manage public cloud environments and offer this service to their customers. These services are offered over the internet and those who use cloud services also use this service over the internet.

Private Cloud Services

Private cloud services are closed cloud services. Companies can set up data centers in-house and use cloud services in these data centers to keep very private information within themselves. Companies can use the private cloud service from third party companies that provide cloud service over the internet, and they can encrypt and turn off their own systems over this cloud.

Hybrid Cloud Services

Hybrid cloud services are a mix of public and private cloud services. The data or information in the public and private cloud can be moved if desired, and from the public cloud to the private cloud; It can be moved from the private cloud to the public cloud. In this way, you secure the information you want to be safe by moving it from the public cloud to the private cloud, and continue your processes by keeping other information in the public cloud.

Cloud Service Types

Cloud service types generally consist of four different categories. IaaS is divided into four different categories as cloud services infrastructure as a service, Paas cloud services as a platform, SaaS as service and software services without a physical server, and cloud services without a server. Servers where you use servers and virtual machines and get storage service are generally classified as IaaS server type. The concept of PaaS is related to web-based software or applications in cloud services, and the technical maintenance of these software installed and used without a server is provided by cloud infrastructure. SaaS is derived from a concept that means cloud applications as a service. It stands for Software As A Service, that is, software as a service. Applications such as Uber run on these infrastructures. Or we can give this example to the web-based software you use.

The Future of Cloud Services and Summary

Cloud services are actually the technology of the future, and in the future, all transactions and hosting will take place on cloud services. All internet-based services will be completely moved to cloud services and all transactions will be provided by cloud services in the future. In addition, all services that require processor will be done with cloud computing and all activities such as artificial intelligence processes and deep learning will be provided over the cloud with super processors. These services are actually provided by cloud services at the moment; but since it is not very common yet, we say it will be like this in the future. Otherwise, all services are now available.

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