Data security will be the most important problem to be solved in the future for companies.

We will start the week with Apple CEO Tim Cook’s statement and Minnesota Senator Amy Kobuchar. These explanations are very important explanations for the data security of individuals. In addition, the latest data security concern came with reports that more than 36 journalists’ phones were hacked by a Trojan called Zero-Attack. In the information given based on the news published on the Internet; on both iPhones; It is stated that these attacks took place due to the vulnerabilities in other smartphones.

The common point of all the above-mentioned news is data security and the most important problem for companies in the future will be data security. Companies keep customer information in their own data repositories or in the cloud, and companies process this data. Customer data in virtual or cloud environments must be well protected; Because there are too many malicious software and formations that try to steal this data or access customer information.

Companies that care about data security take various steps to ensure data security. One of these companies adds a label called Privacy Label to the App Store for the security of Apple and company data. Apple’s announcement link and get information about its content. In this announcement, it was explained in great detail how the data will be secure, how Apple will secure this data and how the applications on Apple devices will be controlled.

With the new application to be implemented by Apple, it will follow all the information of the users and follow the applications installed on Apple devices, and which data is collected, which data is stored on smartphones and whether the data they store or process is legal, whether the user approves the processing of these data. information will be monitored and apps that do not comply with the rules will be restricted or completely removed from the Apple App Store. This is very important news for users’ data security.

Apple will also give a tag to the applications it has analyzed and deemed safe regarding the data security it will take into the new application, and users will evaluate, install or delete the application according to these tags. If an application is unsafe and has an intention to steal your information; Apple will track and determine this, and then both restrict the application, give a tag and then inform the user about this application.

After these news, there were discussions between Apple and Facebook regarding personal data security. In these discussions, Facebook stated that this system, which will be put into use by Apple, will harm small businesses and advertisers. This is because users stated that they would not consent to Facebook or other apps and would say no to various data processing options, which revealed that ad targeting would suffer. As you know, Facebook processes the data of people and targets ads according to their age or likes, they actually process your data even if you do not know it.

Facebook insists that mobile app loading campaigns without targeting and personalization generate 50% less revenue for publishers, and warned Apple of this; but tracking people’s data is also a crime under current law. Facebook Audience Network’s effects on iOS will be even worse. Concerns about the Fitbit app and other health apps like Facebook are growing. Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar wrote a letter on the matter, addressing the issue about the data security concern.

Amy Klobuchar: “Recent reports have raised concerns about Halo’s access to this comprehensive personal and private health information,” said Alex Azar, US Department of Health and Human Services Secretary. “Among the publicly available consumer healthcare devices, Halo appears to collect unprecedented levels of personal information.” Senator Klobuchar emphasizes that Amazon Halo and other health devices collect personal information of users and can cause very dangerous consequences when such information is in the hands of malicious people, emphasizing that companies and the government should take precautions in this regard.

When we evaluate all the above news, the most important danger that awaits companies in the future will be the security of data and the protection and good protection of customer data. Companies will be responsible for the security of this data with the new legal regulations and by sharing or unauthorized use of any customer data; companies will be subject to criminal sanctions.

Today, all companies have customer data and companies do not protect this customer data very well. Due to any data attack or damage to customer data, they may suffer and remain with huge fines. In fact, companies may face complete closure or massive corporate damage if this data is captured by malicious institutions or individuals. We recommend that you determine your data security strategies for your company.

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