Building an Artificial Intelligence Team in Your Digital Transformation Process

Setting Up an Artificial Intelligence Team in Your Digital Transformation Process. In your digital transformation process, you will definitely need to include artificial intelligence technology in your business and you have to work with a good team for this. You can get your work done by an outside agency or build a team and move forward; however, you will need to create a very good strategy while building these teams. We will give you a clue on how to create this strategy.

The Effect of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Transformation

We have written a blog post on this topic before and we will be sharing the related blog link with you under this post. The topic of artificial intelligence is a topic we have heard quite often lately and it has become a very prominent concept in 2018. So why is everyone trying to use this concept, we will touch on this issue. Let’s look at why artificial intelligence is so important in digital transformation. Artificial intelligence is the process of automating the manual work you do today by teaching it to artificial intelligence, and at this point, it contributes a lot to digital transformation as the processes are related to software.

Briefly What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence, in short, are supercomputers formed by software algorithms and have nerve cells like humans. These computers learn just like a human being and begin to do the things they learn automatically. To give an example, let’s say a vehicle goes from the beginning of the street to the supermarket below. Let this vehicle be an autonomous vehicle that works with artificial intelligence. In other words, it is a driverless vehicle and this vehicle moves with software and sensors and determines where it is going. Artificial intelligence learns these processes, the vehicle moves and goes to the market and transports people there. Artificial intelligence, which constantly monitors and learns these processes, makes the next processes much easier and integrates the experiences gained into the process like a human.

How Does Artificial Intelligence Learn?

The question of how artificial intelligence learns is very important. You have made a robot toy powered by artificial intelligence and this toy tries to find and open the doors and starts to wander around the house. This toy starts wandering around the house like a cat or other creature you just bought into the same house and learns while walking around the rooms. It does it this way: when it starts moving around the room, if it encounters obstacles while moving, it records those obstacles in its memory and does not try the same place again and continues until it finds the door. If the artificial intelligence learns what the door is or if it is defined in its system, it tries to find the door and open it without much effort.

How to Set Up an Artificial Intelligence Team in the Company

First of all you have to be patient; because this is a very new process and believe me, nobody has much more know-how. However, companies and especially Startup companies have started to work very importantly in this regard. The first step companies have to do is find a good CTO. You need to form a team together with this CTO and then start working according to the company’s field of activity and obtain R&D. The team you hire in these positions must be very ambitious and talented; because it is not a job for everyone to do. As a result, you need to do good research and start working by establishing a good team accordingly.

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