About Ready E-Commerce Packages and Setting Up a Virtual Store

We will inform you about Establishing an E-Commerce Site Using Ready-Made E-Commerce Packages. Ready E-Commerce Packages create problems as well as their convenience. We will give you explanatory information on how to deal with these problems and which E-Commerce software to choose.

What are Ready E-Commerce Packages?

Ready-made e-commerce packages, as the name suggests, are e-commerce packages that have been prepared before and presented to the customer as a package software. Ready e-commerce packages are diversified according to the features they offer and their prices are determined according to the package features they offer.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ready E-Commerce Packages

As with everything else, ready-made e-commerce packages have advantages and disadvantages. Actually the disadvantages; We can say more than its advantages; Because these software packages are not written completely from scratch and are derived from open source e-commerce software. Therefore, it constantly creates problems; Or the features you want cannot be integrated.

Advantages of Ready E-Commerce Packages

These e-commerce sites are advantageous in terms of quick setup. Their cost has also recently dropped and is therefore advantageous. Ready-made e-commerce packages can also provide you with an extra cost advantage as they offer hosting service, SSL service and security services in a package. However, these cost advantages are available in starter packages and these packages can provide low features and low costs; However, as the package and features increase, these costs may not be very advantageous.

Ready-made E-Commerce Packages Disadvantages

Ready-made e-commerce packages have many disadvantages. If you are running a small e-commerce operation, you may not see these disadvantages; However, you often experience disadvantages in medium and large-scale e-commerce projects. For example, we are using Ideasoft e-commerce infrastructure at Eveticaret.com and we are not satisfied even in a medium-sized project; Because when we are integrating products into N11.com, we send the product details incorrectly and we have problems with the customer. Even this situation is a big problem in itself.

When to Choose Ready E-Commerce Package

Ready-made e-commerce packages should definitely be preferred in small and medium-sized projects. We are not saying that you will not have too much trouble in such projects; You will definitely have problems with ready-made e-commerce packages; Because there is no suitable software for you and it is not made according to your own structure, these software will always cause problems for you. The important issue here is, will the ready-made e-commerce software company you purchased help you solve these problems? If it helps and solves the problems, what about it!

Ready E-Commerce Package Companies Solve Problems Fast?

If the problems are simple problems, they solve it; but they have an average response time of 1 day. As we mentioned above, the product information that went wrong with N11.com was a chronic problem within the e-commerce software, so they could not update it in 8 months. So some problems are general problems, so they do not interfere for you. Generally speaking, problems are not solved the way you want, let this matter be a matter of ear.

Can Your Software Intervene to These Packages?

No it can’t! Because these companies do not open their source codes, you cannot intervene and change these software and you can even edit the design at a certain point, as they want and foresee. Make plans to use ready-made e-commerce packages as they are and do not even think about interfering with these software; because you cannot interfere. & nbsp;

Why Should I Choose Ready E-Commerce Package Despite So Much Disadvantage?

You have the answer to this question. Setting up your own e-commerce software has serious costs and maintenance costs, and creating good software is not an easy task for every company. If you have the power to develop your own e-commerce software, you should completely set up and develop your own infrastructure; However, if you do not have such power, you should choose a ready-made e-commerce package and face these problems. If you are working with an e-commerce software company that approaches these problems well, this will be an advantage for you.

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