You should reconsider your Marketing Strategies in 2021

The corona process allowed companies to review all their strategies, and Marketers had to re-create their marketing strategies almost every week in 2020.
Telecommuting seems to be permanent for a few more years, and returning to the office will not be easy. B2B and traditional marketers, both working from home; and working from the office has to keep up with the hybrid working culture. Another process is online virtual events and the future of these events is still uncertain and it is wondered what development will be in the future.

Online events and online meetings will continue into 2021, and companies and employees will keep up with this process. Online activities will continue to get better and better. If you say planning 2022 is late then you are wrong; because you can already plan 2022. These plans may later change; but marketing teams need to see 2022 as a potential and a period of enormous growth.

In early 2020, a virus originating from China and spreading around the world turned all plans upside down and hit industries deeply. Despite all the troubles; We have come to the end of 2020 and are entering a new year. If we take into account the vaccination news and the news of hope, 2021 will be a transition year. We all closed down and worked from home. In addition, unlike previous years, when we went to the office, we worked very anxiously and tried to stay away from people, colleagues and customers.

As a marketing professional, I have constantly forced myself to pivot, regularly reassess strategies and tactics, and seriously rethink how I lead teams and prepare for the future. In short, I continued to take my favorite trainings and revise marketing strategies. I decided to look at new data and new insights to determine what to do next and what strategies to apply to the marketing context. .

Based on these predictions, I decided that all the strategies we implemented at the beginning of last year were lagging behind and that I should implement new strategies for the upcoming period. By reassessing the recommendations I received, I started to re-evaluate all existing projects and plans. As I do, I recommend that all companies and marketers reconsider our 2021 plans, and it will be very important for them to enter 2022 with a different strategy.

Working from home is a very difficult process; but there are also facilities. First of all, in cities like Istanbul, you earn almost 4 hours from traffic a day, and the exhausting process on the road is also a great advantage. In addition, if we foresee that millions of people consume traffic and energy consumption, digitalization and working from home are also very important for the environment. Remote working is important, especially for the professional class working on a white collar and computer. The growth in video conferencing solutions such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams also happened because of this.

Companies and marketers, even company executives, must consider the following: remote work will become permanent and companies need to establish strategies and technological infrastructures to keep up with this process. Companies of all sizes are changing their approach to future office spaces, remote workers and face-to-face interaction processes and expectations regarding these processes. Sports and movie theaters were deeply affected by this process, and the growth of digital platforms such as Netflix has accelerated. The cinema industry is in a difficult situation and marketers in this sector have to apply different strategies.

Employees and all people are waiting for the process to return to normal and wonder what kind of process will wake up in the future. Professional workers miss their offices where they spend most of their lives and are eager to go back to the past; but this process seems to take a little longer and we have to make all our strategies accordingly. This process will continue throughout 2021, and marketing teams are also wondering what business model companies will implement.

People will think too much about where they spend their time, both for business and leisure, and marketing that acknowledges this fact and encompasses a true sense of place will be critical. For B2B marketers, returning to the office can be a theme. Some employees will be happy to get back to their desks among coworkers with heavy office work. For others who like to work from home, the transition can be a bit challenging.

How marketing teams can launch and develop thoughtful campaigns that appeal to emotions and match the mood of their customers. You can find out the type of business situation potential clients have and strategize accordingly, which will allow you to connect with them in the most appropriate way. At this point, I believe some serious investments are important to make online activities even better for companies and employees.

The future of online activities will be rewritten and all companies should enter and invest in a process that will facilitate these technologies. 2021 is when we can find the strategies that really work best, and we can make the plans for 2022 here. Even if you think about all the changes needed for 2021, it’s not too early to think about 2022. 2020 has been a year of chaos for us, we don’t know what 2021 will bring us; but we can predict that it will improve. 2022 could well be a year of growth, and this is a huge growth opportunity for marketers. As macroeconomic conditions stabilize and companies return to investment, the market can be mobilized. Therefore, you need to use 2021 very well.

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