Which E-Commerce Software or Which E-Commerce Integration Software?

Which E-Commerce Software or Which E-Commerce Integration Software? Have you ever asked yourself this question? Or are you just in the process of having an e-commerce site and let’s start selling products. If you do not know e-commerce processes very well, we will talk about how to act in this article. In some cases, E-commerce processes can become very complicated, so you need to take good steps at the beginning.

& nbsp; Which E-Commerce Software or Which E-Commerce Integration Software?

Which E-Commerce Software or Which E-Commerce Integration Software? If you asked yourself the question you should choose, then you are a little bit aware of the processes, and this is good news, at least you have an awareness. And I can say that you are on the right track ­čÖé Technology is developing very fast and there is awareness in companies. As DijiKobi Digital Technology Agency, we are here for you to get the best service and we want to inform you about it.

Which E-Commerce Software Should You Start With?

This is actually the most important question and problem. So how do you deal with this problem and install it. First of all, we need to look at your e-commerce strategy and sales volume, that is, your turnover. Then start by asking this important question to yourself. From which channel do you make the most of your sales? So where do you make or will earn the money? Will you be able to sell, advertise, generate traffic on this e-commerce site you have established? These questions and their answers are very important.

Is Selling on an E-Commerce Site; Is it a Sales Model on the Marketplace?

If you continue with the above question, you have to decide on this issue first. If you have a budget, you have a customer, and if you can provide traffic to your site, it is important to set up your own e-commerce site and start sales on this site. If you cannot attract customers to your own e-commerce site and you will sell through marketplace sites such as n11.com, amazon.com.tr, Hepsiburada.com and gittigidiyor.com, then you may not need an e-commerce software much!

E-Commerce Site + Marketplace Site + Integration Software Preferences

If both on your own site; If you have products that you will sell in the marketplace, you can set up an e-commerce site yourself and work with a good integration software and automatically transfer your products to the marketplaces. For example, you have a furniture store and you have powerful products to sell and you are sure that you will sell by advertising on your own site and you have an advertising budget. Both models will be advantageous for you. You can both sell on your own e-commerce site and continue your operations in the marketplaces.

Integration Software Preferences for sales via E-Commerce Site or Marketplace Site

If you are not sure that you will sell from your own site and you do not have the budget for advertising for your own e-commerce site, you do not need to choose e-commerce software. You can deal with a good integration software company and transfer your products to marketplaces and sell them in the marketplaces with the integration software. This model is enough for you if you do not make a lot of sales on their own e-commerce site and sell from marketplace sites such as n11.com and sell with low frequency.

Do You Need To Buy A Ready-Made E-Commerce Site?

If you have a low-volume business model and want to sell only through marketplaces, there is no need to buy a ready-made e-commerce site. You can transfer your products directly through the integration software or you can even enter the products yourself on n11.com.

Summary and Decision Stage

When entering e-commerce or any trade, costs and these costs need to benefit you, make money. If you cannot establish a sustainable e-commerce model, you will only cost money and not make money for the future. It is very important to make money and make a profit in e-commerce and commerce. If you progress by establishing a good business model, you can be very successful in e-commerce. It all depends on your performance and business model.

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