Which E-Commerce Software Infrastructure Should You Choose?

Which E-Commerce Software Infrastructure Should You Choose? This question is indeed a very important issue for many companies. When choosing your e-commerce software, you need to do a very detailed research and decide on the right e-commerce software. Well, according to what will you make the assessment, we will support you in these matters.

Which E-Commerce Software Infrastructure Should You Choose?

This is a very important question. You will make a decision and this decision will continue with you for at least a year. This means that you have chosen one of the ready-made e-commerce software and you have to live with this e-commerce software for a year. If this software starts to give you a headache, it will be very difficult to get rid of it; because most likely a contract will be made and you will no longer be able to return from this agreement.

So You Are Like To Say Which One Should I Choose.

Yes, how do you decide which e-commerce software. It’s simple, first you will research well and do this research by determining your own needs. Which software features suit you and what additional services it provides is very, very important. In addition, write these features in the contract during the contract phase and notify the other party in writing by e-mail.

Is E-Commerce Software Ready; Or Should We Make Our Own E-Commerce Software?

Never. To make your own e-commerce software, you need to have $ 1 million ready-made money around the corner and run a few software developers. And you need to constantly update this software. You also have to bear the ongoing costs and maintenance costs and invest constantly to update this software. If you have such an investment power, you can install your own e-commerce software. But obviously you have to be Richy Rich 🙂

Well We Pay For E-Commerce Software If You Don’t Pay Every Year 🙂

No guys, that doesn’t work like that. In other words, it is not a case that we do not pay annual money or get rid of it. You ask why? The reason is very simple actually, but you don’t know and now you will learn. When you need to set up any website, you will need hosting and hosting costs a month. In addition, if you want to install an e-commerce software, it has to be a fast-running e-commerce hosting, that is, cloud hosting.

What’s Additional, Talk About Costs?

You need to get an SSL certificate with it. Wherever you look from an SSL certificate, at least around 600-700 TL per year. To set up e-commerce software, you will have a cost of at least 500 TL – 1,000 TL per month. You will have to pay 6,000 TL a year for a good E-commerce hosting. If you say no more, search for it, a good hosting is around € 110. If you are going to do e-commerce with a hosting of 100 TL, do not get involved in this anyway 🙂

What Was Our Total Costs

Now let’s calculate the sum. If we say 6.000 TL hosting, 700 TL SSL and 100 TL domain. You had a cost of at least 6800 TL. So is there an e-commerce site? No not. So who will you get these open source software installed? It is very difficult if you are not a software developer yourself. How will you be able to intervene when a problem arises? Let’s say you have installed Magento, the hosting that will run this open source e-commerce software costs 1,000 TL per month and each plugin has a fee. How will the payment systems be?

To Summarize

Considering the above costs, setting up your own e-commerce site will initially cost you 20,000 TL for the first year. In the second year, you will have a cost of 10,000 TL. If you install ready-made e-commerce software, it will cost you 4,000-5,000 TL per year. Therefore, you can make a nice cost saving by installing a software that will work for you at these prices.

Which E-Commerce Software Should We Choose.

There are softwares such as T-Soft, Ticimax, Ideasoft in the market. All of these software are very successful and will do your job. I have used Ideasoft, T-Soft and Ticimax software and are generally satisfied with all of them. T-Soft and Ticimax are actually a bit more prominent in the market and they’re both good and you can try the demos of these software. I think you can choose one of these software and proceed. If you want to get detailed information, you can send an e-mail to [email protected]

You can always contact us for consultancy on E-Commerce infrastructure and strategies. [email protected]

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