Where to Start Digital Transformation and E-Commerce Transformation

The subject of SME Digital Transformation and Where to Start the E-Commerce Transformation is really important and it is a matter that you should act very carefully. Digital transformation is an issue that cannot be neglected, and every wrong step you take in this matter will be a cost and time waste. In order not to experience this waste of time and money, you should proceed carefully, we explain below.

Where To Start SME Digital Transformation and E-Commerce Transformation

Let’s start with the issue of Where to Start SME Digital Transformation and E-Commerce Transformation, you do not know what digital transformation is and you want to get help on this issue. You are a SME and you only have one digital website in your life. Maybe you don’t even have a website; but you know what a website is. & nbsp; When we say digital transformation, almost everyone thinks about starting a website.

Where Should You Start Digital Transformation? How Should You Take a Step?

In fact, the answer to this question is entirely up to you. What do you want to do about digital transformation? What digital services does your company need and do you have the power to provide these services? Do you really need this digital service? These questions are really the most important questions to be asked, and you have to ask yourself these questions and give their answers. Before asking these questions to yourself, you need to start digital transformation by doing a good research.

What Should You Do First In Digital Transformation?

The first thing you need to do in digital transformation is to determine which digital technology you need. First of all, what do you need, where do you want to start and what do you want to do? For example, you are a retail business and you own a small home appliance store. You want to move the sales you make in this store to the internet and sell your sales on the e-commerce site, even you want to sell in the marketplaces, let it be your purpose or your goal.

You Have Determined Your Goal and Purpose in Digital Transformation, So Next Step?

After setting your goal in digital transformation, you don’t know what the next step is and that’s why you don’t know where to start. Then we can help you. First of all, after you have determined your digital transformation goal as in the example above, that is, if you want to set up an e-commerce site, you need various software and support such as advertising. You need to get these supports from companies that do their job well and you should be very careful about this.

Are You Starting Digital Transformation and Which Agency Will You Deliver Which Services?

You should be very careful about this issue. While getting service, you should get the service you really need and according to the service you will receive, you should work with agencies that are experts in their fields. You should get support from a consultant before you start getting support from agencies or companies that will establish technology infrastructure. The consulting agency will help you with digital transformation, saving you money and time. Whatever service you will receive, definitely get support from the digital transformation consultancy agency before you start.

How Will You Follow Up After You Begin Digital Transformation?

You have started digital transformation and you are moving forward by purchasing services. The next step is to analyze these services and measure their efficiency. For example, you have set up an e-commerce site and factors such as sales rates and visitor numbers are very important for you. On these topics, you need to get the data with analytics data and analyze the data well. If you examine this data well, then you can give more performance ads in google ads for your e-commerce site.

If To Summarize;

Before starting your digital transformation and E-Commerce conversions, you need to set your goals well. After setting your goals, research this topic well and then get support from a good consultant or digital consulting agency. It will be very beneficial for you to consult someone who knows his / her job very well or a digital transformation agency.

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