What is E-Commerce and E-Export, Where Should You Start E-Export?

What is E-Commerce and E-Export? Where Should You Start With E-Export? In our article titled, first of all, we will tell you the difference of the two concepts from each other and touch on topics such as where to start e-commerce and e-export operations and what should you pay attention to. Although the two concepts seem different from each other; nowadays they are intertwined with each other.

What is E-Commerce and E-Export, Where Should You Start E-Export?

Let’s start with the title of What is E-Commerce and E-Export, Where Should You Start E-Exports, and let’s explain the differences of the two concepts to you. E-commerce is a very popular concept nowadays, and to put it briefly, it allows you to sell your products on a website or on marketplace sites, and you increase your market coverage through these platforms. While previously attached to a street or neighborhood; Thanks to e-commerce, you can sell to all provinces of your country.

How Did E-Commerce and E-Export Processes Develop?

Although the two concepts seem different from each other in the beginning, nowadays two concepts are very intertwined. With the development of technology and the availability of technical facilities, it has become very easy and logical to do e-commerce. Many companies are entering the e-commerce in Turkey, ie increased local competition and now companies have started to look for new ways to open up to foreign markets. With the development and globalization of logistics infrastructures and shipping services, it has now become much easier and cost-effective to ship a product to another country.

What are the Differences between E-Commerce and E-Export?

With the decrease in these costs and the fact that the operation can now be done much more easily, companies started to turn to the e-export side. With the support of the state, things started getting easier. For example, it provides incentives such as government VAT discount for e-export companies. Another advantage was that when exporting traditional procedures, things were getting harder as a result of too long procedures; E-export companies have become able to send their products to a buyer in another country by filling out a form on the internet.

How Does E-Commerce Operation Process Work?

Let’s say you have an e-commerce company and you are selling through or your own e-commerce site. The customer comes to the site, looks at the products and makes the payment and purchases a product he likes. You are looking at who bought the product and where it is from, and you provide this product and ship it to the customer. The product reaches the customer and the process is completed. This process was one of the buying process in Turkey and local cargo in the business, because there is no local payment systems and customs regulations you have completed this process in an easy way, everything was very easy.

How Does E-Export Operation Process Work?

In the e-export process, you perform all the operation processes in the e-commerce process above. You opened a German e-commerce site in Germany and put textile products there; but you are not physically present in Germany. The customer enters your site and you sell the Turkish carpet, he buys it and the order falls on you. You prepare this carpet and give it to DHL and the product goes to the customer. The customer receives the product and the sale takes place. Actually, everything is that simple; However, some problems arise as products are sent abroad.

Problems Experienced in E-Commerce and E-Export Operation Process?

The most important problem you will face while performing an e-commerce operation in the country will be the return of the product by the customer and the product will be shipped, this product will come to you. You pick up the product, return the customer’s money and complete the process; But when it comes to e-export, other problems will arise. For example, the product you sent to Germany has been returned, which warehouse will it go to and how will the product arrive. When the product is returned, you may encounter an astronomical shipping fee. You sold a towel for 10 Euros; but the return cargo cost 15 Euros. These are the most important problems.

What are the Payment Problems in E-Commerce and E-Export Operation Process?

You will not only encounter a refund problem. Because the customer does not know your payment system, they will not trust it and will stop buying. Another problem is taxation. To do business in Germany, you must establish a company and pay taxes. This is also true for the whole European Union. If you sell individually in certain allowed product figures, it is okay, but this model will not be very efficient for companies. The most important problem is the customs regulations according to the countries.

In E-Commerce and E-Export Operation Process & nbsp; What are the Customs Issues?

Actually, this problem is the most important problem you should pay attention to. You have sold and shipped a product, this product may be a problem according to the legislation of the country and may be imposed on customs. You can wait for your products at customs and damage them. Or the products you send may arrive late and the customer may stop buying the product. These problems are the problems in reality in the field, and you can overcome all of these problems after solving these problems and managing the operation well.

Is E-Commerce and E-Export Done With Such Problems?

Yes, there are so many problems and these are problems that need to be managed. There are companies that engage in e-export and manage the process very well and earn very good income. It depends on how you manage the operation. For example, we can give Chinese Alibaba and Aliexpress. The factor of how successful China is by e-export and how it becomes seriously competitive even to a country like America is all about e-export. You can also be successful in e-export with government support and developing payment cargo systems.

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