What is Digital Transformation, What Does Digital Transformation Agency Do?

What is Digital Transformation, What Does Digital Transformation Agency Do? Nowadays, everywhere you see a lot of news about digital transformation and everywhere you encounter advertisements and events related to digital transformation, and companies want to call you and realize your digital transformation. So is digital transformation a concept that can be simplified? Below we will explain what digital transformation means and digital transformation agency in detail.

What is Digital Transformation, What Does Digital Transformation Agency Do?

What is Digital Transformation, What Does Digital Transformation Agency Do? Let’s first explain the concept of digital transformation. You should definitely know very well that digital transformation is a concept that no company has in one hand and cannot be bought with money. Digital transformation is not easily accomplished. It is necessary to keep digital transformation away from being a commercial concept. Digital transformation should be a goal and a goal for companies, and companies should create a long-term strategy for their digital transformation.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation means the following for a company. Your company should establish digital infrastructures regarding its work and train its team according to these infrastructures. The concept of digital transformation should not be looked at technically. In other words, it is not the right approach to say that we have built a very good website for our company and completed our digital transformation. Digital transformation is a concept independent of software and technique, companies should definitely engrave this on their heads and invest accordingly.

How Should Digital Transformation Be?

Digital transformation should be sustainable and long-term. Instant work is not a digital transformation. Digital transformation should be about the way you do business and affect your business processes. Otherwise, doing a job in another technology field while doing any business does not mean that you are doing digital transformation. For example, you are producing in the textile sector and you are producing t-shirts. Have you invested and established a hosting company, digitally transformed? Absolutely not.

Where to Start Digital Transformation?

You should start digital transformation by analyzing your business processes well. You are producing t-shirts in the textile sector above, and let’s assume that you do all the production with manual machines. Thinking about the business process you are doing, how can you digitize the whole process or certain processes, you should work on this subject. For example, t-shirt printing without the need for manpower and automation with software. Maybe to activate machine learning in the process and to produce t-shirts supported by artificial intelligence.

Can We Handle Digital Transformation Within Ourselves?

The question of whether we can handle digital transformation within ourselves is one of the questions asked by companies in every subject. Especially, companies in our country try to solve all solutions by themselves; but this is not always the right method. In fact, when companies get into a job that they are not experts in, they have to bear much more costs and they cannot get out of it. Based on this example, you can never handle digital transformation within yourself; Because there are so many issues about digital transformation that what infrastructure will you be able to provide? For example, will you be able to set up a cloud infrastructure or code artificial intelligence technology, absolutely not!

What Does Digital Transformation Agency Do?

Since you cannot do all the work in the digital transformation process, you will need external support to do these things. Two different agencies / companies will need to support you in this process. The first is the Digital Technology Agency; This agency will take on the task of consulting and training you in technology transfer. The second will be the technology provider company. If you are going to set up a cloud infrastructure, companies such as AWS Cloud and Google Cloud that provide cloud technology will be supported. In the software integration process, the software technology agency will support you. Verimaker Digital Technology Agency provides this service to you by getting service from technology providers. You will not have to manage dozens of agencies this way.

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