What Does Digital SME Transformation Mean for SMEs?

What Does Digital SME Transformation Mean for SMEs? We will try to explain this to you briefly. How SMEs will transition to digital and what steps they should take and what paths they should follow, we will look at these issues together. The digitalization of SMEs is not as difficult as it seems, and SMEs can switch to digital with easy steps.

What Does Digital SME Transformation Mean for SMEs?

Actually, we can explain what the Digital SME Transformation Means for SMEs as follows. If we start from the beginning, you don’t have a website for your company. Or you have not opened social media accounts and do not have a website, and you are only selling your products from the store. So to summarize briefly, you have no investments in digital sense. When you start these investments, you are actually taking a small step towards digitalization; But today, digitalization has come to a different level.

Where Should I Start For SME Digitalization?

SMEs have to act very carefully in the digitalization process. You shouldn’t make unnecessary investments and expenses when you want to enter digital or e-commerce, this detail is very important. First of all, you should do research on what kind of infrastructure you need in digitalization, what kind of system you should set up, and even what kind of website you should have. The most important issue is that you should not invest unnecessarily in technology or software other than your needs.

How Do I Determine My Needs and Which Agency Can I Work With?

At first, ask yourself simple questions. Do I have a website? What are my needs in a digital sense. Are we going to do e-commerce? Will I set up a traditional site? Or do I need an e-commerce site. By asking yourself these questions, you should have a list of notes that define your real needs and work on this list. Your real needs are very important here, and while spending money, you have to move forward by pinpointing.

Which Content Does the Digitalization of SMEs Host?

First of all, do you have a website and have you set up your social media accounts? You need to look at these issues. If you do not have a website, you need to make your website immediately. You must definitely enter your contact information on this website you have set up. You must enter your company’s phone number and address on your website. You can also enter the Google map on your site, and customers looking for you need to reach you very quickly.

Is This The Digitalization Of SMEs?

Of course, the digitalization of SMEs is not that simple. There are levels of digitization according to the needs of every SME. If you need a website, another SME may need CRM software. Another SME may need a server on the cloud or a complex software running very fast. For example, if we consider YemekSepeti as a SME, we can think that yemeksepeti needs an application and a cloud infrastructure that responds to millions of customers.

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