Using E-Invoice E-Archive in Your E-Commerce Digital Transformation

Using E-Invoice E-Archive in Your E-Commerce Digital Transformation One of the most important issues is the e-invoice process. When you start e-commerce, tracking sales and easy invoicing process are very important. The invoices you have made with paper or printer before can make your job difficult, let’s look at the reasons.

Why is the Use of E-Invoice E-Archive Important in Your E-Commerce Digital Transformation?

Why is E-Invoice Use Important in Your E-Commerce Digital Transformation? In fact, the most important reason is that you need to use e-invoices so that your e-commerce operation can be controlled much faster. Let’s assume that you make 1,000 sales a day, and you definitely need to switch to your e-invoice software infrastructure to keep track of these sales.

How to Use E-Invoice in E-Commerce, Can I Use it with E-Commerce Software or in Marketplaces?

Yes, when you start using e-invoice, you can officially start using e-invoice by signing an e-invoice company when you have the right to use e-archive and e-invoice, and you can use this e-invoice by integrating it into your e-commerce site and integration software. You can even integrate your e-invoice into marketplaces such as and In this way, the moment you make a sale, your invoice is automatically issued and applied to your CRM infrastructure. Then you can send it to the customer automatically with your e-mailing integration software.

How Does the E-Invoice Application Process Work and How Is It Set Up?

To start the e-invoice process, you talk to your accountant and start the process. After your accountant has made the application to the finance department, you go to the bank that he told you to, pay a fee of around 200 TL and an e-financial seal comes to you. This financial seal comes to you with an application like e-signature and usb. There are various institutions to get e-signature and cap address with e-financial seal and you apply to them with this e-financial seal.

Which Companies Should I Work With For E-Invoice And E-Signature And Financial Seal?

We agreed with TNB Turkish Notaries Union for KEP and E-Signature for the e-commerce site we founded and received REP and E-Signature services for a fee of 450 TL for 3 years. You can reach it at and I am absolutely glad to recommend it. For E-Invoice, we use the Paraşüt application. You can get information about parachute application at We have been using the Paraşüt e-invoice application for 6 months and we are really satisfied and it made our job very easy.

Advantages of the Paraşüt E-Invoice System

You can connect the Paraşüt e-invoice software to your e-commerce site, automatically issue the invoices you sell in the marketplace such as and send them to your customers via the automatic system by e-mail. Paraşüt has an interface that you use over the internet and you do not have to install any software on your computer. You directly enter the parachute address given to you in your browser, enter the system and use the system. You can issue e-invoices through the system, and keep track of the e-invoices you receive.

The biggest advantage of Paraşüt is that you can issue and receive e-archives and e-invoices. Besides, the most important and most successful feature is a parachute accounting program and you can use it easily. You can follow all your accounting and financial affairs from the parachute application. You can follow the whole accounting process, such as your budget, expenses, income, monthly VAT details, through parachute.

It is one of my favorite e-invoice applications and I highly recommend it. You can call us to use the parachute application and get detailed information. We are the business partner of Paraşüt and we recommend it to our customers with whom we digitally transform. As DijiKobi, we work with the best companies in their field and we recommend these companies to you.

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