The question for what is digital transformation is, how will your company save when the dam covers are opened?

The Question For What Is Digital Transformation, How Will Your Company Save When Dam Gates Are Opened? Today, there are many companies asking this question in the world and these companies have not answered the question very well. So why do companies not fully embrace digital transformation and do not want to invest in this field. This issue is actually very important and should not be overlooked by companies.

The Question For What Is Digital Transformation, How Will Your Company Save When Dam Gates Are Opened?

Digital Transformation is the most important issue of our age and a subject that needs a solution. Especially for companies, it is necessary to allocate a budget, create infrastructures and keep up with this transformation. Companies have not yet fully mastered what digital transformation is, and they do not have a complete idea of ​​the future of digital transformation. Considering that companies continue with traditional marketing and sales methods, many companies will experience difficulties in the upcoming period.

What is Digital Transformation, What Perspective Do Companies Take?

Digital transformation is not well understood for many companies. Many companies think that they are realizing their digital transformation process by making a website or having a software or CRM system installed. Some companies, on the other hand, have a big wrong approach by completing the digital transformation process by advertising Google Adwords or managing social media. We can explain this process in real life with the following example. It rains for a long time and the water collects in a large dam. When the dam is completely full, the officers have to open the gates and you have your company in the town under the dam, how would you find a solution?

The question is, how will your company be saved when the dam covers are opened?

Yes, how would you find a solution when you read the question? The dam is about to be full right now. The dam gates will be opened and the town where your company is located will be flooded. In this case, what investments would you make for your company? Would you make all your money to repair your company, construction investments, stock investments; Or would you try to get rid of this flood by making technological investments and strengthening your infrastructure with an innovation?

Digital Transformation Revolution Is Near, When Will The Dam Be Filled?

We can easily say that the dam will be filled very soon. In the next 5-10 years, the dam will be completely filled and the dam cover will be opened. You can think of the water to be released from the dam as digital information accumulation. Once this digital information is released, will you be able to manage this information? You have to ask yourself this question and if the answer is no, you should immediately set up your digital transformation strategy for your company and start somewhere.

What Danger Does Digital Transformation Have for Companies?

You can compare digital transformation with the industrial revolution. How companies that were not prepared for the industrial revolution went bankrupt; Today, we can call it a digital revolution, even an information revolution, and if you cannot adapt to this revolution, you can foresee that you will definitely sink and make an exit plan accordingly. Companies need to prepare for this future by taking real dangers into account. The most important danger of digital transformation for companies is not being able to manage information and establish the technology infrastructure.

What is Digital Transformation, Which Elements Include?

Managing technologies such as digital transformation big data, data analysis, internet of things, cloud technologies, open source software, database management, application infrastructure and managing the information produced by these technologies are among the most important elements of digital transformation. You can start transforming the digital transformation field by investing in knowledge in these areas. Issues such as website infrastructure and social media management are actually the lowest level of digital transformation.

Where Should Companies Start For Digital Transformation?

The most important issue for digital transformation is how to manage information. You need to invest in technology and human resources to manage and analyze information. Investing in cloud systems will also be a good strategy in your digital transformation process. Companies should understand very well that all systems will work on cloud systems in the future and the importance of investing in cloud systems is now.

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