Ready E-Commerce Site Software and E-Commerce Packages More Information

Ready E-Commerce Site Software and E-Commerce Packages We have prepared this article to give you detailed information. Choosing an e-commerce package is a very difficult process and we will tell you objectively which e-commerce package to choose. Since we are experienced in E-Commerce Transformation and Digital transformation, we want to guide you in this regard.

Ready E-Commerce Site Software and E-Commerce Packages More Information

Ready E-Commerce Site Software and E-Commerce Packages It is very important for you to enter this business as having detailed information. In this article, we will support you in choosing e-commerce software and we would like to inform you about it. This subject is very important; Because the moment you choose e-commerce software, you will encounter a lot of problems and on top of that, you will encounter a lot of costs. E-Commerce costs and should you enter, you can read our article on this subject.

Which Ready-Made E-Commerce Sites

We have listed the major e-commerce sites we know in the market below for you. You can choose the appropriate ones from this list and you can set up your e-commerce site with one of these software. You can even transfer your products directly to sites such as n11.com by integrating your database through these software. & Nbsp; Let’s look at the ready-made e-commerce site software.








Which Ready E-Commerce Software Should I Decide?

This is a very, very difficult question. At first, your job and your priorities are very important. If you are a commercial company and you have a variety of products, you should definitely choose one of the ready-made e-commerce software. You can see these softwares listed above. T-Soft, Ticimax and Ideasoft are among the leading companies in this ready-made e-commerce software industry. On the other hand, software from abroad such as shopify, wix and woocommerce that you see in the list is initial level, ie vertical marketing and you sell several types of products, you can choose these software.

Which E-Commerce Software Should Be For Companies

This question is one of the very important questions that everyone is curious about. There are 3 companies that take the leadership you can choose in the market. T-Soft, Ticimax, Ideasoft. Among these companies, we used Ideasoft e-commerce software for our own e-commerce initiative and we are very experienced. We also talked with ticimax before choosing Ideasoft software and in fact, it was completely Ideasoft’s cargo agreement advantage that we did not decide on Ticimax. Later, they agreed on cargoes at Ticimax.

Are You Satisfied With İdeasoft E-Commerce Software?

Generally I am satisfied; but ideasoft has serious technical problems, ie software. For example, you have to manually update xml integrations manually and it takes almost 1 hour. There is no automatic xml update and this is a big problem. Most important not to buy this software is missing. 2. The most important problem is that when transferring products to the N11, especially the information with screen feature goes wrong, and the products such as laptops and tablets that you send to market places such as N11 have an 8 inch screen and the operating system with an Android will appear as Windows. It’s officially disgrace for the store selling on N11.

How T-Soft and Ticimax E-Commerce Software?

We used demos of these two e-commerce software and frankly we will choose one of these two software next year and we are considering quitting ideasoft due to the above problems. T-Soft and Ticimax are e-commerce software that are improving themselves very seriously and they add new features every day. In addition to these software, it is very important to look at additional features, and before purchasing an e-commerce software, you need to have it tested by a consultant who knows this job.

I Have Decided E-Commerce Software and What Should I Pay Attention To When Making a Contract?

Yes, you agreed with the consultant, you tested the e-commerce software and decided to buy the software. So what should you pay attention to when purchasing this e-commerce software and making contracts. First of all, talk about the additional services and free services you will receive, and print all the services on the contract, taking into account the time period, and read the contract well while signing. What is the support scope, this is very important, is there 7 × 24 support or how fast they support, pay close attention to them. You also have the right to withdraw within 14 days, so even after signing the contract, you can stop using the software within 14 days.

If We Need To Summarize

You made your contract and purchased the e-commerce software, what awaits you next. The design phase of this software needs to be completed and the products you shoot with XML need to be transferred, and you should get support from consultants in this regard. E-commerce companies set up the system running, share the login information of the management panel and say it is your top. You should manage the next process and proceed by establishing a good infrastructure.

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