Olive initiative provides a sustainable e-commerce experience

Olive founder Nate Faust spent years in the e-commerce industry and ran companies such as Diapers.com and Soap.com. Nate, the co-founder and COO of the Jet initiative, has now launched the Olive-named initiative to provide a sustainable e-commerce experience. Although it has been 25 years since the e-commerce sector started; companies still ship in single-use, one-way packaging. Nate, who thinks that it is not right to ship in this way and to trust this system, came up with a new model.

This new business model is annoying for consumers to deal with and have a real environmental impact. Nate’s thought about this situation is, “If any retailer was trying to solve this problem on their own right now, they would face a huge cost increase to pay more. expensive packaging and you have to manage this two-way shipping process. ”He explained. By launching the Olive initiative, Nate will enable e-commerce companies to avoid one-way packaging processes; and it will protect the environment.

That’s why he wants to change that with Olive, his new venture, which combines shoppers’ purchases into a single weekly delivery in a reusable package. The system works as follows and the products are sent to an Olive consolidation facility by e-commerce companies. The products collected here are combined and sent to you as weekly shipments. As we share in the video below, you take the products that come to you, try them and return the products you want to return.

Because retailers still ship normally, all of these packaging are still in use – but at least the consumer doesn’t have to dispose of them. Nate said eventually Olive could work more closely with retailers to reduce or eliminate this. With the increase of this business model, the company; it will reduce the carbon footprint by 30% and prevent unnecessary cargo costs and movement of vehicles.

Olive; It works with hundreds of different clothing brands and retailers, including Adidas, Anthropologie, Everlane, Hugo Boss, Outdoor Voices and Saks Fifth Avenue. After consumers sign up, they can install the Olive iOS app and / or the Chrome browser extension, then Nate said, “You shop directly at the retailer and brand sites, and Olive assists you with this checkout process and enters it automatically. Olive is your everything. ”He replied. Receiving deliveries via Olive can be done at no extra cost to the consumer who normally pays for the shipping and receives the shipping.

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