Is It Costly To Establish An E-Commerce Site And Enter E-Commerce?

Is It Costly To Establish An E-Commerce Site And Enter E-Commerce? Companies who have not started and experienced e-commerce generally fear that e-commerce is very costly and if they do e-commerce, they will face quite serious costs. That’s why companies are very hesitant to enter e-commerce or even if they want to enter, they don’t know where to start.

Is It Costly To Establish An E-Commerce Site And Enter E-Commerce?

Is It Costly To Establish An E-Commerce Site And Enter E-Commerce? Actually, we tried to give some tips in the introduction of the article for the subject. Entering e-commerce is actually not as costly as companies fear. The biggest fear of companies that will enter e-commerce is the thought that the e-commerce software they will set up will cost hundreds of thousands of liras and that a very serious investment will be made for this and they will not be able to get out of the business. This is a false idea that you can enter e-commerce at much less cost.

What are E-Commerce Site Initial Costs?

Obviously, these costs depend entirely on your e-commerce strategy and the size of your business. If you have a beginner e-commerce strategy, you can start doing e-commerce by establishing an e-commerce company and site at a cost of 10,000 TL – 20,000 TL. You can set up an e-commerce site for an average price of 4.000 TL – 5.000 TL annually, and when you consider your other expenses, you can cost 20.000 TL for a good starting system.

Is It Logical to Establish an E-Commerce Site and Enter E-Commerce?

This question is actually the most important one. Everyone can have their own opinion on this issue; but we will try to guide you by evaluating from a completely objective and professional point of view. The most important rule in e-commerce is stock and money. While logging into E-Commerce, you should definitely not ignore these 2 issues. Please do not take this out of here. It takes a lot of money to do e-commerce. Actually, this is not what we mean here. We explain it in more detail below.

How Should the Stock and Money Strategy in E-Commerce Be?

This is the crucial issue. As we mentioned above, money and stock balance is very important. For example, you have established a sole proprietorship company for 5 thousand TL and you sell leather phone cases and you produce these cases. This business model can be a very profitable business model, and assuming that you have a certain amount of money to manage the operation, you do not need a lot of capital in this business model and it is a very good model for you. Well, you sell Apple MacBook Pro and buy the product from a supplier. You don’t have solid capital either. You received 10 orders from and the same day! What will you do? You have no money. Then the suppliers will not provide these products to you. You also cannot send these products to the customer and the story ends before it begins ­čÖé

As a result

According to your business model, your money and stock should be very good. If you have stock and you have the power to send cargo, advertise and financial power by selling from these stocks, e-commerce is a very logical business model for you and you can easily enter the e-commerce sector.

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