Establishing an E-Commerce Site and Growing it with Growth Hacking Techniques

In this article, we will explain what it means to Establish an E-Commerce Site and Grow it with Growth Hacking Techniques. As you know, it is very easy to set up an e-commerce site now. Even Micro SME companies can set up an e-commerce site at an expense of 5,000 – 15,000 TL. Establishing technical infrastructure does not mean that you will be successful in e-commerce, there is also the growth and strategy side of the business, we will talk about how to take a step on this side, or you should.

Establishing an E-Commerce Site and Growing with Growth Hacking Techniques

You set up your e-commerce site by choosing one of the ready-made e-commerce software. Or you have an existing e-commerce software and you updated yourself by updating that software. You set up a few social media accounts and got someone to take care of these things, and he’s going to post a few tweets every day and manage social media. Or you worked with an agency and the agency will manage your content. Then you will enjoy the success and sales will explode. Of course, such a world no longer exists!

Is Everything Done After Installing Your E-Commerce Software?

You know the answer. Yes, the e-commerce site has been established and sales have exploded and you have achieved everything ­čÖé Of course not! In fact, a huge no. In fact, an e-commerce site is technically about setting up an infrastructure. So this is a simultaneous concept with actually you bought a car and now you can get on the road. For example, the vehicle you buy is a passenger car, but you will encounter a desert on your way out. There will be rough terrain and sometimes it will snow. Sometimes there will be situations where the flood can take your vehicle. Yes, when you start e-commerce, your situation will be exactly like this.

Establishing an E-Commerce Site and Growing with Growth Hacking Techniques

Growth Hacking is actually a concept or a technique that will save you in the above situations. Let’s briefly explain this concept to you. In fact, in summary, the concept of growth hacking is a technique applied by companies that do not have much money and try to grow by making successful moves. For example, a large company trusts its financial means, does not care about its customers or dealers, and does not conduct any analysis or market research on them. You are a small company; But by caring for your customers and dealers, you start to get a share from the market of the big company and you apply a technique where you call them once a week and ask them if they are satisfied, that’s growth hacking.

Where Is The Growth Hacking Method Used?

In fact, there is no formula for growth hacking technique. You can use any ethical method to be completely successful. You can organize an event with your customers and develop your business by asking their opinions. For example, you are a kindergarten administrator and you invite the families of your enrolled students to a kindergarten party for a weekend. You organize fun contests and then you ask their ideas by organizing a coffee conversation and apply these notifications to improve your business according to the feedback, that’s exactly what growth hacking is.

How Should You Use Growth Hacking Methods?

Before using the Growth hacking methods, you have to set up a strategy, and this strategy is all about your business. You should avoid methods that are not related to your job and that will put you in funny situations. You should not use any technique that will cause people to react and make them feel bad. The important thing is that your customers are happy and have an application that they will approve of you. Growth Hacking is a complete method of success by applying small techniques.

Where Did Growth Hacking Come From and Where Was It Used?

Growth Hacking method was first introduced in 2010’s and it was used most effectively by Twitter. Users who heard Twitter became a member of the platform, but then it started not to constantly enter. Analyzing the data, the growth hacking team has seen that people actually follow the people they are interested in and that they do not have a desire to enter the platform when there is a situation that does not interest them. To solve this problem, instead of running an advertising campaign on Twitter; It determined the interests of the users through data analysis and started to suggest the people they are related to, and there was a twitter explosion.

Growth Hacking Mi; Is it an advertisement? Guerilla Marketing?

Perhaps most marketers think advertising is the most effective way to reach users and sell products! There is also a guerrilla marketing technique; However, people misunderstand this concept and think they will be successful, but it is necessary to proceed carefully. So when we put forward the example of Instagram, did it succeed so much by advertising on Instagram? Or did it become a billion dollar business by advertising on youtube. Of course no. Then we can say advertising! = Success. When you place an advertisement, you cannot predict that the sales will come from the advertisement. Think about it, why are you getting on Instagram? Here success is hidden under this problem ..

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