Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence Supported Data Analysis and Performance Marketing

Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence Supported Data Analysis and Performance Marketing. As DijiKobi Digital Technology Agency, we want even the smallest micro SME to perform its digital transformation and do its work much more efficiently. Since efficiency is a very important and time-saving detail, we will talk about how to become productive in your work in this article.

Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence Supported Data Analysis and Performance Marketing

Although you often hear the concepts of Digital Transformation, Artificial Intelligence Supported Data Analysis and Performance Marketing, no one can clearly explain what it actually means. Even if the concept of digital transformation tells itself something, companies perceive its content incorrectly. Digital transformation means preparing your entire infrastructure for the digital revolution and establishing a digital infrastructure to manage information, and you will need to transform many of your technology infrastructures.

How Will Digital Transformation Processes Be and Take Place?

Let’s start with the newspapers as an example. In fact, newspapers are a very good example for a full understanding of digital transformation. Although newspapers do not consciously understand the importance of digital transformation; They started publishing the newspapers they printed on paper by establishing a website. We can give hürriyet.com.tr and time magazine as examples. Someone is a very well known newspaper; the other is a magazine known around the world. These two media organs started digital transformation by establishing a website; But when they set up the website and published the news, they actually perceived this as a matter of setting up a website.

Awareness About Digital Transformation

As in the example above, newspapers and magazines started digital transformation in the early 2000s and this era was called the millennium age. In fact, experts and those who see the future were aware of this digital transformation; However, the media organs that established websites were not fully aware of this situation yet. In fact, this awareness and consciousness did not occur because the internet was not as fast as it is today and people did not have devices connected to the internet or the internet was slow.

Development of Technology and Spread of Fast Internet

The real awareness has been that the fast internet is now accessible to everyone and the development of technology. The development of smart devices and the fast connection of everyone to the internet from their mobile phones has triggered this development and the traffic of people has attracted the attention of companies and users, and now everyone has started to do something in this area. The companies’ desire to sell through e-commerce started with all these technological developments and the development and acceleration of the internet.

Development of Cloud / Cloud Infrastructures and Digital Revolution

The latest development is that even processors are now offered from cloud systems and artificial intelligence technology works on cloud systems, and most importantly, these services are now very cheap. So even a micro SME can set up their own website on Amazon AWS and run it on the cloud. As technology develops, it gets cheaper, and as it gets cheaper, the options and possibilities increase. We don’t even need to say how important AI-powered technologies are in the future.

What is Artificial Intelligence Technology?

Artificial Intelligence technology will actually help people to take the workload off people and even people by making their work done by self-learning computers. For example, artificial intelligence will learn a routine job you do and do it for you. Every day you go on the internet and follow your e-mails and make reports or print them out. Artificial intelligence will monitor these processes, learn and do it for you. Or you run your air conditioner every evening at 19.00, artificial intelligence will do this for you.

About Artificial Intelligence Assisted Data Analysis and Performance Marketing

The introduction of artificial intelligence technologies into human life and the easy way to do some work has attracted the attention of companies. As companies focus on efficiency in their sales or marketing activities, they have started to attach great importance to data analysis. Companies started to analyze data by connecting their information or customer information to artificial intelligence technology, and this situation started to provide very important support for performance marketing.

How Artificial Intelligence and Performance Marketing Are Used Together

Imagine that you are doing a google adwords ad campaign with the simplest example and you spend hundreds of thousands of lira each month on this ad campaign. Naturally, companies care about the return of every penny they spend. This brings out the concept of performance marketing and it becomes important to digitally report the return on money spent. At the next level, productivity is increased by making data analysis by using artificial intelligence learning, and this is now very important for companies.

Artificial Intelligence Supported Future and Evolution of Marketing

Artificial intelligence supported solutions will now enter all sectors and artificial intelligence technologies will come to the fore for success and efficiency in these areas. The proliferation of information will make it difficult to manage and companies will start investing in these areas, paying great attention to AI-supported data analysis. It is of great importance that companies get consultancy while using these technologies and work with companies that are good in these areas.

As Verimaker Digital Technology Agency, we provide you consultancy support on these issues. With VERIMAKER Artificial Intelligence Supported Data Analysis technology, we do your data analysis and your Google Adwords campaigns and analytics reporting.

You can call us for detailed information.

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