A Real Entrepreneurship Story SpaceX Project

A Real Entrepreneurship Story SpaceX Project, Entrepreneurship is a very popular concept today and institutions using this concept organize events related to entrepreneurship. These events cover topics on what is entrepreneurship and how to become an entrepreneur. Let’s leave the activities aside; because the purpose of the events is to brighten the image of the institution organizing that event. Well, let’s tell you what is entrepreneurship in real terms through the SpaceX project and Elon Musk. When Elon Musk said he wanted to start his own rocket company, everyone said he was crazy.

What is Entrepreneurship?

First of all, let’s explain the concept of entrepreneurship for those who do not know. Entrepreneurship is the process that starts with an idea and pursues it, and realizes that idea. Entrepreneurship is not about selling by setting up an e-commerce site; If you go through such a process, it would be called business. Entrepreneurship is a very different concept from business. In order for a person to be an entrepreneur, he must have an idea that will make people’s lives easier and change. should bring it to life.

Who is an entrepreneur?

Is Elon Musk an entrepreneur in your opinion? Let’s give the answer right away, yes it is entrepreneur In fact, it is the entrepreneur reflected in his veins. This means that entrepreneurship has been defined in a wide variety of fields and for very different people. But none of these people are truly entrepreneurs. If we need to give an example to a real entrepreneur, we can give Elon Musk. In fact, we can give an example of Elon Musk as the top person who fills under the concept of entrepreneurship today. So why is Elon Musk a true entrepreneur, why are we saying this?

Man Elon Musk Redefining Entrepreneurship

Elon Musk has redefined the concept of entrepreneurship. How did Elon Musk break new ground in entrepreneurship? There is only one answer to this, Elon Musk did not give up, worked hard to realize his dreams and redefined entrepreneurship by seeing the future and making long-term plans. So much so that when focusing on the SpaceX project, Elon Musk’s goal is not just to build a space shuttle; It was to build a farther-going and reusable space shuttle. Its ultimate aim is not to build a space shuttle; It was to build a space shuttle to go to Mars and establish a colony on Mars. & Nbsp;

SpaceX The World’s Largest Space Shuttle

There were many opponents to Elon Musk in the SpaceX project, and many consultants, including astronaut Neil Armstrong, told NASA that the project would not be successful by writing reports and making presentations at meetings. It was calculated that the SpaceX project would fail, as a module of the project, the auxiliary rockets sent into space would be re-born and the rockets would land vertically without being damaged in landing. Almost everyone claimed that this project would fail and Elon Musk was a dreamer. Elon Musk was at the 4th attempt after 3 unsuccessful attempts, at the point where all his resources were exhausted, and if the 4th trial failed, the project would be canceled and the $ 1.6 billion contract with NASA would have been canceled. Elon Musk launched the world’s largest space rocket from the Kenedy airbase and the rockets successfully took off and the auxiliary rockets successfully landed on the ground after leaving the main rocket. The main space shuttle traveled through space, reaching speeds of about 20,000 km per hour. You can watch the launch from the video below.

Building a Space Shuttle and Saving Humanity by Colonizing Mars

You may have been confused when you read the title and from the beginning of the article you thought that Elon Musk’s main goal was to build a space rocket and make money by selling it to NASA. We want you to know that the main purpose of Elon Musk is to make space travel a place that will benefit all people and to save people’s lives by establishing a colony on Mars in the future. An entrepreneur doesn’t focus on tools, the SpaceX project is just a tool for Elon Musk. Elon Musk’s main goal is to travel through space and reach Mars, establish a colony there and save humanity from annihilation. & Nbsp; & nbsp;

The Future of Humanity, Living on Two Different Planets

Man can only continue his generation if he lives on two different planets. Philosophy is actually based on this logic. Elon Musk’s goal is to go to Mars and establish a colony. This philosophy is the fact that people cannot actually stay in the world forever and the world will become a place that cannot be lived after a certain time. An entrepreneur emerged and made a venture that even states would not dare to do, and succeeded in the spaceX project. The aim of the project is to develop the biggest rocket and carry the necessary cargo to Mars and establish a colony on Mars. & Nbsp;

Elon Musk as a Real Entrepreneur

Elon Musk has invested all of his fortune in this project. He focused on the impossible and brought out something. Space projects were abandoned by states, and space projects were canceled due to the cost of rockets. An entrepreneur came up with the idea of ​​how to make a cheap rocket and go to Mars again, and he succeeded by building this rocket. Elon Musk if the state will not take this step; He launched the Falcon Heavy rocket, saying that a private company should launch it. When Elon Musk came up with the idea of ​​making rockets, he was looking for cheap rockets in the Soviets and seeing that rockets were expensive and saying why we don’t do it, and he is implementing a project that even NASA could not do like the Falcon Heavy. So why won’t you succeed in your project?

Why You As An Entrepreneur Won’t Succeed?

When Elon Musk came up with the first electric vehicle idea, it was said that this idea could only be implemented in 2050 and a full-scale commercial vehicle could only be implemented in the 2050s. Elon Musk has made it a 100 percent electric vehicle that is ready for sale in less than 10 years and has a distance of 500 km. This vehicle wasn’t just electric; it was also an autonomous vehicle; that is, he had his own computer and could drive himself. Elon Musk founded Tesla Engine in 2004 and launched the first vehicle in 2008. He implemented the electric vehicle, which people set a goal of 50 years, in a period of 4-5 years. In a period of 10 years, it has created an electric vehicle that works with 100 percent performance and is sold commercially all over the world. Looking at what Elon Musk has done in the Tesla project, we can guess what he can do in the SpaceX project and in how soon he will achieve it.

The Concept of Entrepreneurship as a result

Entrepreneurship is not a process that will emerge from the events organized by universities or the events that companies advertise themselves. Entrepreneurship starts with you; that is, the entrepreneur’s motivation is about his main goal and what he wants to achieve. When you look at Elon Musk’s projects, none of them are remotely related to making money. Making money is perhaps the last factor for Elon Musk. Elon Musk’s main goal is to do useful work for humanity. If the product or service you create is not for the benefit of humanity; you are not an entrepreneur either. As a result, if you are going to be a good entrepreneur, you should learn from Elon Musk’s life and all your work should be for the benefit of humanity.

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