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Verimaker Digital is a growth marketing agency that specializes in strategy, creativity, design and innovative technology.

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As Verimaker Growth Marketing Agency, we provide “innovative digital solutions” to the Corporates, E-Commerce companies, Startups and Institutions. We create digital strategies and setup technology infrastructures. Verimaker has experience in Growth Marketing and digital strategy and supports its business partners in these areas. We believe in digital strategies with strong growth marketing know-how and digital tools.

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Growth Marketing

Analyze your data and invest your budget in the right digital channels by getting a growth-oriented digital marketing service.

Data Strategy

Data-driven strategy is based on data and important know-how for the company. We focus just data and act using important data.


Digital marketing strategy, sometimes referred to as a digital media strategy, is a plan to maximize the commercial benefits.


The concept of management strategy is the process of optimizing your management strategy and looking growth strategies.

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Growth Marketing;  is the process of designing and conducting experiments to optimize and improve the results of a target campaign and digital processes. If you have a specific metric you want to increase, growth marketing is one method you can use to achieve this. Growth Marketing teams are responsible for all these processes. Identifying areas to be tested and improved develop and design experiments to optimize identified processes conducting experiments to test hypothetical improvements, analyzing results and further experimentation as needed, growth marketers use the scientific method to design and perform these experiments.

Data-driven marketing is a strategy of using customer information for optimal and targeted media buying and creative messaging. It is one of the most transformative changes to happen in digital advertising.

Explosive growth in creative manufacturing and automation technologies followed the increasing quality and quantity of marketing data. These burgeoning marketing technology and advertising technology sectors now enable personalization of every aspect of the marketing experience.

Data-based decision making is to get answers to questions such as who, when, where, what message, and to make these answers actionable.

Using and enabling data, usually in an automated or semi-automatic fashion, provides a significantly more optimized media and creative strategy. This marketing strategy, which is human first, is more personalized. It has also been responsible for providing significant investment returns for marketers.

While traditional information technology strategies tend to focus on long-term roadmaps and budget forecasts that extend over the years into the future, digital strategies tend to be based on short-term, month-to-month roadmaps linked to actionable items and measurable jobs. goals. To be successful, the strategy must focus where the company’s value chain is vulnerable to disruption and can be made stronger and more economically viable with digital reboot. One of the challenges of formulating a digital strategy is identifying which services need to be done in-house, which services should be outsourced to a third-party provider, and which services require customization to be effective. We support you in all these processes.

The concept of SEO Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher in search engine results pages, thereby increasing the amount of organic (or free) traffic your website receives. Channels that benefit from SEO include websites, blogs, and infographics.

There are several ways to approach SEO to generate qualified traffic to your website. These include: On-page SEO: This type of SEO focuses on all the content that is “on the page” when looking at a website. By searching keywords for search volume and purpose (or meaning), you can answer questions for readers and rank higher on the search engine result pages (SERPs) generated by these questions.

Price & plans

As Verimaker Digital; We have a unique service concept and we are a company that specializes in digital marketing, growth-oriented marketing. Contact us to experience our special services for you, and we will prepare a special budget for you.

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Growth marketing
Digital Strategy
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Per Month
Growth marketing
Digital strategy
Data strategy
Data analysis
Technology setup
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Know-how & experience

As Verimaker Digital, we have over 20 years of marketing experience and we transfer this experience to all of our projects. We successfully complete all projects with our experienced growth-oriented marketing managers.

In depth analysis

We know how important data is today. By analyzing your data, we reveal meaningful results for your marketing strategy; based on these data. Data are the most important drivers of growth and efficiency today. We believe data for future strategy.

Ongoing support

As Verimaker digital, we provide unlimited support to the startups we serve and to all our business partners. Our primary understanding is to provide perfect and quality service and to maintain this service until the end. Get in touch with us.

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Growth Marketing Strategy
Growth Marketing Strategy
9 September, 2020 in Growth Marketing
Digital Marketing Strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy
9 September, 2020 in Growth Marketing
SEM & SEO Optimization
SEM & SEO Optimization
9 September, 2020 in Growth Marketing
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Verimaker Digital Growth provides growth-oriented marketing and digital strategy services. Verimaker provides consultancy to corporate companies, e-commerce industry and startup ecosystem on all digital issues..

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Merve M.
Digital Marketing Manager
Nowadays, social media and digital channels have become quite important and brands need to show themselves and their products on modern channels. Verimaker Digital carried us to modern channels and in this way, we brought our brand to users.
Ezgi G.
Marketing Manager

Verimaker Growth Marketing Agency helped us set up our marketing strategies from scratch and managed all our processes in a very professional way. We increased our sales with a good marketing infrastructure.

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Digital marketing is a marketing method where you can promote your products and services in all areas or environments made possible by technological tools. Digital marketing is in no way different from other traditional marketing methods. It is a tool to reach potential users who will use your products and services simply by moving this process to digital. Digital marketing is the most modern and most advanced marketing method today.

Today, digital marketing and social media channels have diversified and users in different channels have interacted with each other. As a result of this interaction, these channels have started to grow seriously and companies have started to invest in digital and social media channels by renewing their strategies. Companies want to reach consumers and don’t want to waste their budgets as they used to. Companies aiming for effective budget management are moving towards building their strategies on digital marketing and social media.

Today, the biggest problem of the e-commerce industry is the delivery problem. Cargo companies in the sector have not completed their digital transformation and transportation is done by traditional methods. Transportation made with traditional methods also reduces the quality in the sector and causes major complaints on the customer side. There is also customer dissatisfaction for the e-commerce company that delivers, and this creates a boomerang effect for e-commerce companies. Cargo companies reject the deliveries of e-commerce sites due to the increase in capacity and therefore serious problems and complaints arise in the sector.

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Digital Growth Marketing strategies are the most important strategy and marketing technology methods that enable you to grow and be successful in digital media.

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